This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

Bob Kefgen's picture

Tuesday was the only day of legislative session this week, but the House and Senate made it count as they churned through huge agendas and sent over 120 different bills to the Governor's desk before leaving for their summer recess and the campaign trail. The legislature made a few last tweaks to the K-12 budget (MASSP's budget breakdown has been updated to reflect the changes) that could have a significant impact on districts with large or growing numbers of shared time or tuition students. In addition to the K-12 budget, the legislature passed the Governor's Marshall Plan for Talent and a slew of related policy legislation…some of which implements recommendations of the Career Pathways Alliance and some of which is legislation on related topics that happened to be in the right place at the right time and caught a ride with the Career Pathways legislation across the finish line. Principals especially will want to be aware of one of these bills: SB 175 would extend the sunset on MMC language that allows students to replace one credit of world language with an additional credit of arts or with completion of a formal, MDE approved CTE program…although it's likely too late in the process for most students, districts that wish to utilize this flexibility for students for next school year may do so. There are two tentative summer session days (one each in July and August), but with every member of the legislature facing an election this year, primary elections coming the first week of August, and the Republican party convention later in the month summer session seems…unlikely.