WorkKeys Testing Time Extended. Are You Ready?'s picture

Beginning with this spring's WorkKeys test, students will now have ten more minutes per section. This increase from 45 to 55 minutes will extend ​the ​overall testing time by 30 minutes​, meaning that the total time needed for all three standard-time assessments, including the 15-minute break after the Applied Math test, is now three hours.

At a minimum, the 30 minutes of additional testing time is likely going to require most buildings to change their school day schedules. However, the implications could be more far reaching since increased testing time could also impact the total number of minutes of instruction your district provides in a year. For districts that schedule tightly to the required minutes​,​ as determined by the state, adjusting your schedules to accommodate ​these extra minutes ​may require union involvement since schedule and calendar are bargained.

It is worth noting that the change in testing time is not at the state's discretion. It is based on ACT’s new test design for WorkKeys, which was implemented this year. Since WorkKeys is an off-the-shelf test that state law effectively requires districts to provide, there is little choice in the matter.

By way of context, this change comes with ACT's launch of WorkKeys 2.0, a new portfolio of ACT WorkKeys assessments and the ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate credential. In addition to the extended testing time, the test has been somewhat restructured. Reading for Information is now Workplace Documents, Applied Mathematics is now Applied Math, and Locating Information is now Graphic Literacy.