GoObserve Mobile Observation Tool

MASSP is pleased to announce the upcoming transition from the GoObserve apps to Pivot 2.0 and Pivot lite! It's incredible how far we have come from the initial GoObserve app for Palm Pilots that launched in the mid-1990's, to the release of the basic iPad and Android versions of GoObserve in 2010, and premium versions in 2012.

In January 2013, we recognized that given the direction our state and nation were moving with supervision and evaluation that we needed to identify a new partner to support our current users, and work collaboratively with them to develop a more comprehensive and robust electronic tool.

We were seeking a partner that had:
  • an understanding of education,
  • a shared mission of advancing learning through educational leadership and technology,
  • the capacity to support current and future users,
  • a commitment to customer support and continuous improvement to meet the changing demands of the profession, and
  • a proven track record of low cost and high value products and services.
After researching and evaluating dozens of software companies, MASSP selected to partner with Five-Star Technology Solutions, which is based in Indiana, to take over the development and support of our GoObserve Apps.

We found Five-Star to be different from other technology companies. Their K-12 focused team is made up of experienced educators who understand the pressures teachers, administrators and schools face. Their experienced engineers, developers, strategic advisors, and leadership team have a strong track record of developing a range of solutions and services that address and support each district's specific needs and expectations — with unlimited services at a fixed cost.

For the past 18 months, we have worked directly with Five-Star to maintain services and support for the GoObserve apps, as well as develop our next generation electronic tool: Pivot 2.0.

We are proud to announce that Pivot 2.0 is being released in February 2015. Pivot 2.0 combines the best of the GoObserve apps and original Pivot web software into one solution.

The basic version of GoObserve will be called Pivot lite. Like GoObserve, Pivot lite can be customized by individual users within the app. The Pivot lite app will provide users with enhanced capabilities in collecting evidence from observations, including scripting with smart typing and easy-to-select phrases, pictures, and videos. In addition, users will be able to relate all the evidence collected to indicators in designated rubrics, track observations in a dashboard, and generate observation reports with a push of a button.

Those with the premium version of GoObserve (i.e., 5D+ GoObserve and TC GoObserve) and those who would like to upgrade to the full version will now have Pivot 2.0 — a single electronic tool that can be used through an iPad app, as well as any other web enabled device through our Pivot web portal.

In addition to the enhanced features found in Pivot lite, the full Pivot 2.0 electronic solution:
  • Tracks progress in the entire observation and evaluation process.
  • Collects data through scripting, taking pictures and video clips, and uploading documents and artifacts.
  • Automates the consolidation of coded data for evaluations by indicators in one's rubric.
  • Supports professional growth plans and student growth measures, including student learning objectives (SLOs).
  • Permit districts to add and collect evidence for multiple rubrics for each of their employee groups.
In order to have your GoObserve data migrated into the new system, users must have an active license (annual renewal paid). All users with active accounts will have their data automatically migrated to Pivot 2.0 in the coming month.

Users who elect not to renew their subscription or migrate to Pivot 2.0, will have access and use of their current GoObserve app as is with no further development/updates through the end of the year. Users who choose not to update to Pivot 2.0 or Pivot lite for the 2015-16 school year may request to have their data exported to a .CSV file by emailing Five-Star at Please note all servers for GoObserve will be shut down in July 2015.

Five-Star will begin informational webinars about Pivot 2.0 and accepting requests to migrate to Pivot lite or the full Pivot 2.0 in the coming week, with migrations beginning as soon as February 2015. Users who prefer to remain in their current app may do so until June 30, 2015.

All users will receive additional communication from Five-Star in the coming weeks about migrating to Pivot lite or the full Pivot 2.0.

To learn more about Five-Star Technology Solutions, the other modules in Pivot 2.0 that work independently or in concert with the observation and evaluation tool, and how it can provide better insight into student data and continuous improvement for students and staff in one flexible app and cloud-based platform, please contact Brenda Robidou at (812) 246-5257 ext 140 or visit