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The One Tool Every Principal Needs

Since the middle of the summer, I have been working with Jim and GoKnow to bring to life a multi-platform, customizable observation tool for documenting multiple teacher observations in a simple, efficient and effective manner. This incredible tool – GoObserve – is now available for use by administrators across our state and country. If you haven’t already, I urge you to give it a try.

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Well, My Final MASSP Project Is About To Be Released – GoObserve

Everything has its time. Back when Palm Pilot technology was the rage, three of us developed an idea to use Palms to ease the demands of classroom observations. At the time, we thought our membership would be so taken by the efficiency of our observation program that principals would join the Association just to have free access. We were wrong…well, not totally. We had the right concept, just the wrong platform and wrong time. A few MASSP members who tried GoObserve back in the early 2000’s are still using it today and love it, but change is continual.'s picture

GoObserve Will Make Your Task Less Daunting

The much-anticipated release of MASSP’s classroom observation application, Go Observe, is closing in. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for our Association! We are proud to be able to offer an affordable classroom observation tool – developed by Principals for Principals – that will make the daunting task of observing all teachers more manageable and effective.'s picture

A Classroom Observation Tool That Goes Beyond Recording the Basics

Many building Principals are looking for the perfect tool to help manage the daunting task of evaluating every instructional practitioner in their building. It was with this in mind that the MASSP developed GoObserve software that is compatible with both iPad and Droid tablets for the purpose of classroom observation. There are a number of features that set GoObserve apart from other available applications:
  • Price. GoObserve is a very affordable option that comes with cloud service for easy access to and the storing of data.'s picture

Looking for an iPad-Based Classroom Observation Tool?

Look no further! The MASSP has been working with Texas-based Go Know to develop an iPad platform classroom observation tool. You may remember our previous work with Go Know that resulted in the Go Observe software members were using with Palm Pilots. We anticipate this new package will be available for purchase in early October. Once developed, Go Know will continue to create a version of the application for Android Tablets, iPhones and Android phones.