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Tools for Student Success - CEL's 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning

Written by Donna Boughner, Principal at Grayling High School and Region 2 Representative on the MASSP Board of Directors

Our school system is very fortunate to be recognized throughout the state of Michigan as a district that is "beating the odds." We believe in a collaborative learning environment to do what is best for all students. We have invested time and money into quality professional development specific to understanding poverty, improving grading practices for learning, and expanding our toolbox of instructional best practices.

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Senate Considering MPSERS Changes - Tell Them Not During Lame Duck

Senate action on MPSERS seems imminent. The discussion is currently centered on closing out the MPSERS system for new hires only and transitioning these employees into a 401(k) style plan. Regardless, the potential for unintended consequences is high when a bill like this moves hastily.

Michigan's public school employee retirement system is complex. Any changes need to be carefully considered lest they raise costs for schools, impact benefits for current employees, or hurt the future of the education profession. Lame Duck is NOT the time to make sweeping changes.

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#MASSPchat Recap - Staff Book Study

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Accommodations on National Weekend SAT Administrations

More and more students are looking to take the SAT another time in addition to the state-provided administration. In response, many Michigan schools have signed up to serve as weekend test centers. However, even if your school hasn't signed up to be a weekend test center, students with certain accommodations may still be looking to test at your location.

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College Board Webinar - 2017 PSAT and SAT Spring Assessments

College Board recently released a link to their latest webinar. The webinar includes recent information about the preparation for and implementation of the spring 2017 PSAT and SAT assessments. Many of the changes to the process are specific to the State of Michigan requirements. It would be worth your time to view this webinar even if you watched a previous webinar or attended an earlier fall training.

Information found in the webinar includes:

  • How to assign roles as required in EEM.
  • Accommodation requirements.
  • Pre-identification process.