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House and Senate Subcommittees Roll Out K-12 Budgets

The House and Senate K-12 budget subcommittees both met this week and voted out their respective versions of the budget…and they were MILES apart. The Senate stayed closer to Governor Snyder's recommendation, investing in At Risk, early literacy, and career and technical education. In contrast, the House eliminated categoricals left and right, rolling them up into a large foundation increase.

So what do the budgets look like? Let's break them down side-by-side in two parts:

Foundation Allowance

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#MASSPchat 3/23 - Culture & Climate

The Topic: Culture & Climate
This time of year is so busy that nearly everyone gets a bit frazzled and morale tends to dip. Let’s talk about culture and climate issues this week and share strategies for keeping everyone positive, sound good?! #MASSPchat regulars know that the strength of our professional learning network is in our collective sharing and the wisdom of the group. Please try to invite a colleague or two who don’t normally/regularly chat with us to join the conversation this week. Let’s see what we can do to add to our connections.

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Challenging Middle School Courses Help Kids Get Into College or Trade School

Everyone knows that high school courses and grades count for admission to college, but many people don’t realize that a college education also builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in earlier years. Your child should plan a high school course schedule early, in the sixth or seventh grade.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

Plenty of politics happening in Lansing this week, though the most substantive news was the State Board of Education's decision on Thursday to offer the job of State Superintendent of Public Instruction to current Dearborn Public Schools superintendent Brian Whiston.

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