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Talking Baseball

Last week Major League Baseball (MLB) unveiled its post-season awards. Once again, I found myself drawn to the discussion about who should be named the American League Most Valuable Player (MVP). For the third year in a row, a member of my beloved Detroit Tigers is a finalist. This year it was Victor Martinez, and for the third year in a row the Angel’s Mike Trout was the primary competition for one of my favorite Tigers!

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

The biggest education headline of the week came from the Michigan Department of Education, which released details about the spring 2015 state assessment. The Legislature came back from their election recess for all of two days this past week before once again leaving town for their annual hunting/Thanksgiving recess.

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Senate Takes Up A Pair of School Finance Issues

The Senate Appropriations Committee used the only two days of November legislative session to take up a pair of school finance issues. The committee passed a bill to cap the School Bond Loan Fund, a move that could severely limit the ability of districts to borrow money, and part of a package of bills that aims to create an early warning system for financially distressed school districts, but which casts too wide of a net and would mire a large number of school districts in new red tape and reporting requirements.

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MDE Releases Details on Interim State Assessment

On Thursday, the Michigan Department of Education released long awaited details on the spring 2015 student assessment. According to the information released by the MDE, the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress or M-STEP is a combination of Smarter Balanced Assessment test items and some state developed items in grades 3-8. For 11th graders, the test will also include ACT+Writing and WorkKeys.

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