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The Impact of Proposal 1 on Schools

In a decisive vote, Michigan voters adopted Proposal 1 in Tuesday's election, paving the way for legalized use of marijuana throughout the state. The specific language of the ballot proposal was as follows:'s picture

Mastering the Master Schedule

By late September into early October, your counselors should finally have all of the students settled into their 2018-19 school year schedules. No more holes, the new-to-district registrations have slowed, and the "I changed my mind," drop and adds have come to a halt. You may think it is time for a break from thinking about your master schedule, but that could not be further from the truth.

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Your Attendance Policy Doesn't Make Students Show Up

When I cleaned out my files after more than 30 years as a school administrator I found no less than eight different "attendance policies." Those policies ranged from those requiring excessive oversight to one that was more hands off and left to the responsibility of the student and their family.

I actually wrote my master's degree thesis on school attendance. I must have looked at a hundred different policies in the process. Not surprisingly, my research netted beliefs about attendance that ranged the full spectrum, just like the polices I had developed.

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MDE Memos: AP Fee Reduction Grant, Counselor PD Requirements and Educator Resources

Building leaders will want to be aware of four memos put out recently by MDE. The first is information about the AP test fee reduction grant. The next memo is about a new resource to support teacher engagement and participation with the teacher evaluation process. The third is in regard to the new School Counselor PD requirements. The final memo outlines resources aimed at helping stakeholders to better understand the state guidelines for selecting the proper state assessment.

All four memos are reproduced in their entirety below. You can also find the original memos here. Given the length of the memos, here is a quick table of contents:'s picture

MDE Memo: PSAT 8/9 Assessment for Eighth Grade

On Thursday, Nov. 1, the following Memo #157-18 was issued from MDE Interim State Superintendent Sheila A. Alles regarding the PSAT 8/9 Assessment for Eighth Grade.

You may have seen a number of news articles and opinion pieces written around the state recently asking the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) to continue using the M-STEP for the math and English Language Arts portions of the eighth-grade state assessment, instead of the planned administration of the PSAT 8/9 assessment for those subjects.