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Register Your Team for the Governor’s High School Cyber Challenge

By the year 2020 there will be an estimated 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the US. According to National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), one of the main reasons students don't pursue cybersecurity as a career field is simply a lack of exposure.

Teams comprised of three high school students from schools across the state are invited to participate in the Governor's High School Cyber Challenge - a free competition designed to test their knowledge of cybersecurity, computer science and information technology. The GHSCC aims to expose students to cybersecurity at no cost to the students or schools. This is fantastic exposure for students and institutions, with national recognition by the State of Michigan and Governor Snyder at the Cyber Security Summit 2018.'s picture

Classroom Observations - How Do I Get Them All In?!

If you have not taken the time to fully read The Revised School Code (Excerpt), Act 451 of 1976, 380.1248 and 380.1249, I would highly encourage you to sit down with a highlighter and take a deep dive. The more you read and dig into the law, the more comfortable you will become with navigating the evaluation process and keeping it a top priority. Since 2011, the meaning behind teacher evaluation has changed significantly. Gone are the days where seniority was the deciding factor for layoffs, among other privileges. The changes have created anxiety for both teachers and administrators.'s picture

Free Algebra and Geometry Resources Available

Brand new updates for 2018-2019 school year have even more teachers across Michigan excited about using Algebra Nation this year in their classrooms. Last school year, over 30,000 free workbooks for Algebra 1 were ordered by Michigan teachers. This school year, over 40,000 Algebra 1 and Geometry workbooks have already been sent out, demonstrating the incredible demand for these resources. MASSP is proud to be a partner with Algebra Nation to help provide resources to classrooms around the state.

Is Algebra Nation Really Free for Schools?

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Webcast: The Marshall Plan, Career Pathways Alliance and More

The second edition of our Legislative Update series, covers policy changes regarding the Marshall Plan and Career Pathways Alliance, as well as other related bills - including MMC flexibility, STEM Diplomas, uncertified CTE teachers and more.

Click the image below to watch the 9-minute screencast (mp4).

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Calculating Student Growth with Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)

This year, 40% of an educator's evaluation is required to be based on Student Growth and Assessment Data. As districts around the state ramp up their systems, a common pain point we hear about is how to set and evaluate growth targets that are rigorous, transparent and fair. We also know districts are challenged to collect, aggregate and model three years of data accurately, reliably and efficiently. Don't worry! We are here to help!

MASSP is proud to be working with Eidex to create a suite of growth calculators for school leaders that ease the time-consuming burden of using student growth data to determine effectiveness ratings.