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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

The Michigan Legislature returned from their summer recess this week and, though they were only in town for a couple of days, the House Education Reform Committee held a hearing on Thursday morning on a variety of bills. For Principals, the biggest issue discussed was HB 5707, which would lower the percentage of a teacher's evaluation that has to be based on student growth from 40% back down to 25%. The bill just had testimony today, but there is a chance that it could move later this fall or during lame duck, so be prepared for how your district will react for a mid-year shift in the growth percentage and stay tuned…MASSP will keep you informed as this issue develops.

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Opinion: PSAT is the Right Move for Michigan

As an educator, I don't like administering state tests any more than my students like taking them, but as school resumes, there is good news about how Michigan will assess our students.

Thanks to the work of the late State Superintendent Brian Whiston and the Michigan Department of Education, our eighth-graders start taking the PSAT this spring -- a test that is one third shorter and far more useful than the M-STEP. That means more time learning; less time testing; and faster, better information going to students, parents and educators.

This isn’t about just swapping one test for another. The PSAT is part of a nationally recognized system that measures the most enduring knowledge and skills for success in high school, college and careers.'s picture

Huh? I’m Responsible for That Too?!

It is an awesome responsibility to serve as a school administrator. It is your greatest opportunity to make a significant impact on a learning community and influence the growth of students, staff and parents. The role of a Principal must be accepted with tremendous grace and humility as your days are outlined with a predictable bell schedule but often filled with new challenges that have absolutely nothing to do with teaching and learning. The minute you are Board-approved to serve as a Principal it feels like you are expected to know all that encompasses the job, which can never truly be captured in a job posting or description. It is what makes the role both exciting and challenging.

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2018 M-STEP Scores Released

The Michigan Department of Education publicly released results of the spring 2018 M-STEP and SAT this week. MDE's press release included aggregate statewide results, but more detailed numbers are also available through the, allowing for comparisons between individual schools, grades and districts. But if you just read the headlines, you are missing a lot of important context about what these scores really mean.

So what were the results? Well, looking at the simple year-to-year change in proficiency rates by grade (the statistic picked up in most headlines I've read) shows:

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Reminder: Certs Required for All Admins Starting Sept. 1

By the end of this week, all Michigan school administrators will need to possess a certificate - even if you've been deemed as "grandparented" in the past. This shouldn't be the first time you're hearing about this, but if it is, please be sure to read the information below to ensure that you're in compliance. Working without the proper certification can cost you your job, as well as significant state aid penalties for your district.