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West, Fee and Buhro Awarded MASSP Scholarships

Three graduating seniors were chosen to receive this year's MASSP Board of Directors scholarship, which entitles each student to a $2,500 award toward tuition in Fall 2017. The winners - Ana West from Spring Lake, Mackenzie Fee from East Grand Rapids and Zachary Buhro from Belleville - are children of MASSP members who displayed exemplary academic achievement, participation in extra curricular activities and the completion of school and community service.'s picture

Mindfulness and the Building Administrator

Written by Rick Frens, Principal, Hamilton Middle School and Middle Level West Representative for the MASSP Board of Directors

Student mental health has become a big issue in our schools and a legislative priority for MASSP. We are short on resources, and we have many students with serious needs. It’s one of our biggest hurdles lately in education and long term sustainable solutions are hard to come by. While many of us wrestle with how to take care of our kids, we also need to ensure we are caring for ourselves.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

Coming into this week, there was lots of hype about a possible deal on MPSERS reform…the Senate Education Committee (where SB 401, the Senate version of a bill to close the MPSERS system has been referred) had posted a meeting with no specific agenda while legislative leadership in both the House and Senate announced they had come to an agreement of budget spending targets that included money to fund MPSERS reform. But the week came and went with no movement on MPSERS, the K-12 budget, or any of the other big ticket education issues looming in the offing during this spring’s session.

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Tools to Make Your Voice Heard

MPSERS reform is once again being debated in Lansing, the 2017-18 budget is being finalized, and the pressure is mounting on legislators who want to tie-up loose ends before they leave for summer recess. With so many issues possibly on the table over the next few weeks, we wanted to remind MASSP members about the ways you can use our Engage website to contact elected officials and look up information about legislation that would impact Principals. We also wanted to introduce you to Resistbot, a new tool that you can use for contacting your federal elected officials in D.C.

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Educator Evaluation Training Grant Ends Sept. 30

Late last week, MDE issued MEMO #055-17 reminding districts about the upcoming Sept. 30 deadline for use of funds under the Educator Evaluation Training Grant. Information from the memo is posted in its entirety below.

Important Dates