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#MASSPchat - Restorative Practices

The Topic:
We are over half way through the school year and many schools began the year with new discipline policies aimed at reducing suspension and expulsion rates. Let's check in and share how the new policies are working for staff, students, parents and school boards.

The Questions:

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

On Wednesday, Governor Snyder rolled out his eighth and final budget recommendation, which contained—among other things—a proposal for the largest single-year foundation increase since 2002: $120-240 per pupil on the 2X formula. Other highlights included three different per pupil increases targeted at special populations: $25 per pupil for high school students (a continuation of a provision the the current budget), $25 per pupil for students enrolled in CTE programs, and an additional $25 per pupil if the CTE program is in a high needs area.

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New MMC FAQ Has Important Updates For Scheduling Season

Scheduling season is here! You may already be underway with scheduling classes for the 2018-19 school year. If not, you are certain to start the process in the coming weeks. This week, we want to highlight some key revisions made to MDE's MMC Frequently Asked Questions. This revised document was originally released in September 2017, so you may have seen it already or you may have simply put it in your pile of things to deal with at scheduling time.

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MDE Memos Review Sexual Assault/Harassment, Cert Requirements

Principals will want to be aware of three memos put out recently by MDE. The first is a special memo from State Superintendent Brian Whiston that provides an easy-to-read overview of district and educator responsibilities under state and federal law when it comes to sexual assault and harassment. The other two memos review the limits on using staff with non-traditional backgrounds in counseling or library media related roles since both of these positions require specific degrees or endorsements.

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Gov's Budget Proposal Calls for Variety of Per Pupil Increases

Governor Snyder has rolled out his final Executive Budget Recommendation…and it's a doozy. Fortunately, the major provisions are few and straightforward, making this budget pretty easy to explain and grasp. And for most Principals, this budget is good news: a big foundation increase, additional targeted adjustments for high school and CTE students, and continued funding for things like At Risk. But the Governor proposes paying for some of the new spending with targeted cuts, specifically a cap on shared time and a reduction in cyber school foundation allowances…two items that will be deal breakers for some districts.

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