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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

The fight over the Common Core has once again reared its head in Lansing. On Tuesday, both the State Board of Education and the Senate Education Committee heard testimony from Dr. Yong Zhao, a professor of education at the University of Oregon who, among other things, is a vocal anti-Common Core advocate.

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Common Core Debate Resurfaces in House

Unfortunately, the debate over Michigan's academic content standards is heating up again in Lansing. This week, the House Committee on Michigan Competitiveness took up HB 4192 for debate, though did not vote on it. Anti-Common Core advocates abounded, though a roughly equal number of educators and other supporters of the current state standards spoke in opposition to the bill. No hearing is expected next week, but the bill is expected to reappear within the next month.

The Bill

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#MASSPchat 2/20 - State Budget Proposal: The Dollars and Cents of It All

The Topic:
An additional $325 million of spending for K-12 schools including a foundation increase, an additional $50/pupil for high schools, and $7 million for continued educator evaluation implementation and training…the Governor's 2017-2018 Executive Budget Recommendation gives many reasons for optimism. But even with the increased investment more School Aid Fund more money than ever would be diverted away from K-12 to shore up the State's general fund and language attaching new strings to At Risk dollars may give districts reason for pause, even though the Governor is proposing a $100 per pupil increase.

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When Does a Principal's Day End?

Written by Darci Griebel, Principal at Escanaba Area Public Jr/ Sr High School and Region 1 Representative on the MASSP Board of Directors, which covers the Upper Peninsula

The long-lived question posed to all working parents, how to balance family and career? While many have proposed solutions to help working parents make efficient use of their time, the technological age brings with it new twists to the same old problem. We find ourselves in a day and age where work-related issues follow us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.