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The Basics of Michigan's New Restraint and Seclusion Law

The 2016 lame duck legislative session saw the passage of a significant package of bills aimed at overhauling Michigan's laws regarding the use of restraint and seclusion in schools. The changes DO NOT TAKE EFFECT UNTIL 2017-18, but it's important that Principals and other school officials familiarize themselves with some of the basic provisions of the new law in order to start planning mandated training and how best to implement changes where necessary.'s picture

Score Cards, Top-to-Bottom and Reward School Lists Released; 38 Schools Identified As 'At Risk of Closure'

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) today released its 2016 School Score Cards, Top-to-Bottom List and Reward Schools. The School Reform Office (SRO) also identified 38 schools at risk of closure.

There are 219 schools that met the Reward School criteria for 2015-16 – those that did not receive a red scorecard and have achieved one or more of the following:

  • Top 5 percent of schools on the Top-to-Bottom list

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The Final Flurry of 2016

Written for MASSP's LegalEase newsletter by the attorneys at Lusk Albertson

The final weeks of 2016 held several important developments for public education. Legislative enactments by the "lame duck" Michigan Legislature were the primary source, but the Michigan Court of Appeals also weighed in with an important decision. Here's a quick recap of the final flurry of activity in 2016…

Zero Tolerance Legislation

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#MASSPchat 1/23 - Change

The Topic:
K-12 Education, for the most part, looks exactly the same as it did more than 125 years ago. However, during the same time period, virtually every aspect of the human existence has changed dramatically. Societal norms, economics, communication, lifestyles and access to information are all very different today and continue to change at an escalating rate.

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MASB's Interview and Resume Workshop — Preparing Your Candidacy for Superintendent

Are you considering seeking a superintendency? Or are you interested in exploring the possibility? If so, the Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) is offering two opportunities with our veteran consultants to help you with your resume and interview preparation.

Join Karen Reiff, The Resume Strategist and Rod Green, Ph.D., MASB Search Consultant and retired 24-year superintendent for MASB’s Interview and Resume Workshop—Preparing Your Candidacy on Feb. 11 or April 29.