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MDE Communications to Note - Week of Aug. 20

Each week, MASSP looks through all of the MDE communications sent to the field, including Memos and Spotlight, to ensure that you're aware of important information and deadlines. On Thursday, several MDE Memos were issued that you don't want to miss regarding Student Growth Reports and School and District Improvement Plans . Each memo can be found below.

MEMO #123-18
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Contracts and Employee Handbooks and Board Policies, Oh My!

When you serve as an educational leader, it goes without saying that you are expected to know a lot. Much of what you are expected to know is not taught in a college course and most likely not part of any internship experience. As the building leader it is critical that you know how to locate and navigate several guiding documents which include, but are not limited to board policies, administrative guidelines, handbooks (district, building, student, athletics, student activities and parent) and bargaining agreements (contracts). There is no way you can be expected to memorize every single policy and written word, but as a building leader you should view these documents as tools and feel confident accessing them and using them in time of need.

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New Criminal Sexual Conduct Laws: What School Administrators Need to Know

Written for MASSP's LegalEase by attorney Kevin Sutton, Partner at Lusk Albertson

The bell has rung, the pencils are sharpened, and students are excited to tackle a new year of learning. Alright, that last one may be a stretch. But students aren't the only ones being given new information to learn this year. As a fresh year of school begins, administrators should be aware of a trio of new criminal sexual conduct laws passed last spring that are now in effect. House Bills 5530, 5531, and 5532 reflect the increasing levels of political will in the country to address sexual violence. To that end, the new laws implement more safeguards for victims of sexual assault against their attackers, particularly in the school environment.

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Free "Adviser 101" Training for New Advisers

Filling a new adviser position? Help keep your school culture alive! Replacing an adviser is a difficult task and one that can become a frequent issue for many schools. Adviser turnover is often caused from a lack of training and understanding of the unique role they play in a school's success.

To help facilitate and assist schools in creating a lasting positive impact in their building, MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership is providing a free "Advising 101" training to all new member advisers across the state.

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Important Policy Changes Affecting Your Building for 2018-19

There's quite a few policy changes in effect starting this school year. Are you prepared? To make sure you're in the know, we've created a handy one-page PDF document with the need-to-know information for building leaders. We've also created a short screencast as a round-up of the most significant changes in school policy. This is the first in our Back-to-School series and covers everything you need to know for 2018-19, including changes to MMC, the sub teacher shortage, Social Studies standards, admin certificate rule updates and student growth.

Click the image below to watch the 9-minute screencast (mp4).