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Firearms, Safety and Schools - A Legal Perspective

Written by attorney Kevin Sutton, Partner at Lusk Albertson, PLC

Donald Trump. The Washington Post. National and state lawmakers. In the wake of the Parkland shooting, it seems everyone is wading into the conversation about firearms and safety – again. State Representative Jim Runestad recently pledged to draft legislation that will allow trained teachers to access firearms stored safely in containers on school property. Whether or not Rep. Runestad's bill gains traction is another matter – even if it is approved by the Legislature, Gov. Rick Snyder has vetoed other bills that would have expanded gun rights on school property.

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Job Sharing Teacher Evaluations

Written by Tracy Hall, Administrator for IB and Postsecondary Programs at Bloomfield Hills High School and AP East Representative on the MASSP Board of Directors

The teacher evaluation process is one that has been both lauded and loathed by administrators and teachers alike. PA 173 of 2015 changed how teachers would be evaluated in every way including the required ratings and acceptable evaluation forms/formats, as well as the frequency of evaluations. Districts throughout Michigan were now able to tie student achievement, school improvement, professional development, and staffing decisions to the outcome of teacher evaluations.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

On Tuesday, the Senate K-12 budget subcommittee reported out its proposal for the 2018-19 School Aid budget…a proposal that looked a lot like Governor Snyder's executive budget recommendation with a few key changes. The House held off on reporting out its version of the K-12 budget for next year until after the legislature returns from its spring break in two weeks.

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Senate Reports K-12 Budget Recommendation

On Tuesday morning, the Senate K-12 budget subcommittee reported out its version of the K-12 budget for 2018-19. What’s in? The Senate included a sizable foundation increase on the 2X formula, new funding for CTE programs that do not have access to local CTE millage dollars, and the $25 per pupil bonus for high school students that first appeared in last year’s budget. What’s out? The Governor’s proposals for cuts to shared time programs and cyber schools, a per pupil incentive payment for CTE students, and changes to the boilerplate for At Risk funding.


Here’s a side-by-side breakdown of the Senate budget recommendation and the executive budget recommendation:

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Using the Instructional Planning Report to Identify Students of Interest

Continuing the series of highlighting activities and resources that take place in MASSP’s recently updated Data Analysis Protocol 2.0 Workshop, educators can use the Instructional Planning Report to help identify students of interest based on performance levels in various subscore areas. This report, which can be located in the Reports Center portal, can help identify students who need to strengthen skills, are approaching benchmark, or have met or exceeded the benchmark. Knowing the students who fall into these categories for the different parts of the PSAT/SAT Suite of Assessments can allow for better individual planning regarding instructional practices.