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How Are You Measuring Perception Data for Your Administrator Evaluations?

Michigan's new education evaluation law requires building administrators be evaluated annually based on a combination of factors including student growth and professional practice as measured by their district's administrator evaluation tool. While these two components are well known, the law also states that a portion of an administrators evaluation also be based on perception data.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

Budget season doesn't officially begin until the Governor presents his executive budget recommendation (which won't happen this year until the second week of February), but that hasn't stopped the House K-12 budget subcommittee from holding hearings. This week's discussion focused on Michigan's declining pupil count, which has dropped by 10,000-30,000 students per year since 2003 and is projected to decline by another 10,000 net pupils per year for at least the next two years.

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House Takes Testimony from MASSP on Student Privacy, PD Bills

The House Education Committee took up a pair of issues this week that could impact Principals. MASSP testified in opposition to legislation that deals with student privacy and which, as currently written, would create significant reporting burdens for schools. The committee also took additional testimony on a package of bills that would establish some basic standards for district provided professional development.'s picture

MI College Goal Helps Students File for Financial Aid

Want more of your students to aim for college? Here’s an easy way to help: get them fill to out the FAFSA, a lead predictor of college aspirations. Once they see how much aid they can get, 9 in 10 students who file the FAFSA are motivated enough to enroll in college. And that helps build a college going culture at your school.