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State of The State Recap: Education Edition

On Tuesday, Governor Snyder delivered the first State of the State address of his second term. His speech, which recapped the accomplishments of his first term and set the tone for continued reforms in his second, included several education specific proposals (including 2 MASSP legislative priorities!) that Principals will want to be aware of as we move into this year's budget process which will set the state's spending plan for 2015-16.

Here is an overview of the main education related points in the Governor's address and what they might mean in the coming year…'s picture

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Scheduling for M-Step

We have been checking-in with the MASSP Board of Directors and reaching out to Principals around the state to find out how their M-Step testing schedule is coming along. In most cases, people have started to look at it but schedules are not finalized. Some schools have a draft schedule and they were willing to share it (see below) – kudos to those willing to post it. Please send us your testing schedule when it is complete so that we can have a number of examples available to assist all of you in your work.

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Baby It's Cold Out There! Thoughts on the State's Decision to Switch to the SAT

While many of us were busy monitoring road conditions and watching wind chill temperatures we were hit by a storm that the best meteorologist could not have predicted, and it is was a doozy! The winds of change are once again blowing in the State of Michigan and it has left many of us in education feeling numb. In a joint announcement from the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) and the department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB) We were told that the SAT will replace the ACT as the college assessment in Michigan.

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Consensus Revenue Estimates Call for Conservative Budgeting

Officials from the state Department of Treasury and the House and Senate Fiscal Agencies met formally on Friday to come to consensus on the revenue numbers that the Governor and Legislature will use in building their budget recommendations for the 2015-16 fiscal year. The bottom line for schools is that, School Aid Fund revenue appears to be relatively flat and stable going into next year, though a large shortfall in general fund revenue could end up hitting schools, so be conservative.

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