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Verification of Students Not Tested for SAT, M-STEP, and MI-Access

Principals will want to be aware that the Verification of Students Not Tested window is currently open, but will close this Wednesday, June 29, 2016. For more detail, check out the article in this week's Spotlight on Assessment and Accountability publication from MDE, which is republished below in its entirety.

Verification of Students Not Tested for SAT, M-STEP, and MI-Access

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Where Have You Been and Where Are You Going?

Written by Tracy Wilson, Principal at Grand Haven High School and President of the MASSP Board of Directors

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Earn Your Admin Cert & Central Office Endorsement At The Same Time

Are you a current administrator who is aspiring to central office? Do you also need to earn your administrator certificate but aren't interested in earning a (or another) Masters Degree? Then the new Horizon + Path to Leadership program may be for you. MASSP and MASA have partnered to bring you the state's first alternative route to certification that incorporates a central office endorsement. Our goal: to help more educators earn a K-12 administrator certificate AND a central office endorsement at an affordable cost and in a manageable time frame.

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Recapping The Rules For Food Fundraisers Under Smart Snacks

It's been about a year since the Michigan Legislature created an exemption from federal Smart Snacks standards for bake sales and other in-school food fundraisers. Since then, MDE has put in place guidance and rules. Some Principals may already be well aware of the new system (and most school nutritionists likely are well versed), but as we wind down 2015-16 and look back over the policy changes of the past school year, it seems worth reviewing where things stand.

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CEPI, MDE to Open Eval Rating Appeals Window

Beginning in the 2016-17 school year, Michigan's new educator evaluation law, Public Act 173 of 2015, will link teacher certificate renewal and progression to evaluation ratings for the most recent five-year period.