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#MASSPchat 4/13 - Looking Forward…What is the “right work” to be doing?

The Topic:
As you continue work on your school improvement reporting and to think about PD for next year, what is the right work to be focusing on? There are changes we are still reacting to in terms of curriculum and assessment as well as shifts of practice that need to be made. Here is my list of things that seem to be rising to the top in terms of important topics to tackle:

  1. Assessment: Formative, Interim and Summative.
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SAT Transition & Redesign Overview Session

MASSP is pleased to offer supports and resources for our members aimed at helping you to lead the SAT transition at your school. First, we would like to introduce a slide share series being created in partnership with the Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA). The slide shares will provide an overview of the redesigned SAT in a series of short, manageable sound bites that may be shared with school stakeholders.

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#MASSPchat 4/6 - Six Criteria for Good Teachers

The Topic:
What are the essential elements of a master teacher? I’m sure this could be topic of great debate. Based on John Hattie’s research and a recent article by Tim Elmore there are Six Criteria that research indicates make the most difference in terms of teacher effectiveness. These factors will be the basis of our discussion during this week’s #MASSPchat:

  1. The Relational Factor- Essentially the teacher’s ability to connect with students.
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Bringing the "Stackable Credential" Model to Michigan

Written by Mark Pogliano, Principal, Jackson Area Career Center and CTE Representative, MASSP Board of Directors

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Edcamp: Shaking Up Professional Development

Written and published with permission by Annie McMahon Whitlock

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