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Contracted Work Days

I am completing contract negotiations and would like some data to make some comparisons.

Contract days for the following positions:
HS Principal -
MS Principal -
EL Prinsipal -

Thanks for your feedback,
Tim Volovsek

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Ever Wonder What Other Principals' Days are Like?

There is no need to wonder what other principals' days are like - now you can check them out on YouTube!

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Close, but no cigar.... SB 1509 beaten by the clock

SB 1509, a bill that would have delayed the implementation of teacher evaluations until Sept. 1, 2011 died in the House when the legislature adjourned for the year. Despite being sent over from the Senate on Nov. 9, the House didn’t consider the bill in committee or on the floor. MASSP worked to get this bill through the legislature, but in the end, it wasn’t a priority for House leadership. This means that any contract settled must include teacher evaluation mechanisms.

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Tenure Bill Passes Senate

At least 45 percent of teachers' evaluations would be based on student growth in academic achievement under a bill passed today by the Senate.

The bill, passed 21-14, also would require evaluations to label teachers as "highly effective," "effective" or "ineffective." It defines student academic growth as the degree to which a student achieves growth for one year of instruction. To achieve one year of growth, a student achieving at a proficient level would have to remain at that level. A student who is not proficient would need to be on track to become proficient in three to six years.

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Challenging the Grading Paradigm, Part 3 (Alternatives to the 100-Point Scale)

A little over a month ago, I posted the first part of a series entitled, “Challenging the Grading Paradigm.” The goal of this series is to build awareness of a very important curricular issue in public education today – grading that promotes learning. I previously discussed the basic dilemmas that educators face with regard to this topic, and then in the last article, I discussed removing behaviors from the academic grade. In part three, I will discuss alternatives to the 100-point grade scale and the statistical problems with the 100-point scale.