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Scholarship Opportunity for Your High School Students

The Michigan Municipal League Foundation invites Michigan's high school students to compete for a chance to share their concerns with local elected officials from across the country!  What better way for your community’s youth to learn about local government than to experience it firsthand?'s picture

Do You Lack Administrative Certification?

You may have noticed that many postings for Building Administrators require a master’s degree in Educational Leadership or “related field in education." The posting may also state, “Administrative Certification or the ability to gain certification required.” For those of you who entered your Administrative position without an Administrative Certificate prior to Jan.5, 2010, you are grandfathered in.'s picture

Teacher Evaluation Changes Have Schools Scrambling

The primary focus for Principals in the last five years has been curriculum.  Schools have made a number of important and significant changes since the implementation of the MMC and the MME. There has been a great deal of focus on realigning curriculum to the ACT College Readiness Standards and now to the Common Core. Around the state there has been an emphasis in most Districts on District led school improvement and making systemic changes. The recent

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The Voice of the Practitioner - We Will Be Heard

I am waiting for the press releases to be published to make it official, but our Association just accomplished a big win.

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Your Spendable Income Reduction Awaits Governor's Signature

Starting January 1, or until an existing labor agreement expires or is modified — whichever is later — the majority of government employees will have to pay a portion of the cost of their health insurance thanks to legislation approved this week establishing caps for what an employer can contribute toward that expense.