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Retirement Legislation - A Summary To Date

May 1, 2010, Lansing, MI

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Political Sides Show Some Give on Teacher Retirement

House Democrats and Senate Republicans announced public counteroffers Thursday in their efforts to strike a deal on legislation designed to encourage higher-paid teachers to retire and shed costs in the K-12 public school system.

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Anti-Bullying Bill Clears House Committee

School districts would have to come up with anti-bullying policies under legislation reported overwhelmingly by the House Education Committee on Thursday. House bill 4580, sponsored by Pam BYRNES (D-Chelsea), would require schools adopt anti-bullying policies. School boards would be required to develop these policies within six months of the bill's passing. Local school boards would also be required to hold a public hearing before adopting a policy, which would have to involve parental involvement, investigation, intervention, along with reporting to the Department of Education.

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Heads Up on Race to the Top Phase 2

From MASA 4/30/2010

Below, you will find a joint memorandum and timeline that was sent out by MASA/MASB detailing new information on the race for the top application process:

The last two weeks have drawn your association leaders into meeting after meeting, but these meetings might prove to fill the gaps left in Michigan’s first round application for Race to the Top (RTTT). The Michigan Department of Education has done a great job of including all the stakeholders in the conversations regarding the second application.

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Office Update: EPAS/Evaluations/Elections/SB-CEU's/Student Handbook Policy Service

April 24, 2010

Dear Members of the Board,

This past week MASSP staff had three significant accomplishments. The first two involve the Departments second attempt at Race To The Top funding, and the third our website.

The MDE is working on a very tight timeline for the second application and for the past week has had every day filled with consensus group meetings. MSU is moderating all the meetings and every statewide association is involved. MDE is not going to be subjected to “you didn’t include us” again.

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