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Revenues Up, No Change Likely in Budget

The School Aid Fund will be up roughly $225 million over the next two years, but that is unlikely to change the amount of money that the legislature spends next year.

The School Aid Fund will end the year with $112.5 million more than projected according to the estimates agreed upon at the May 2012 Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference (CREC). FY 2013 is also projected to be up $114.5 million from previous estimates.'s picture

Reminder of Anti-Bullying Policy Due Date

New or updated bullying prevention policies are to be submitted to the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) in the Michigan Electronic Grants System Plus (MEGS+) by July 6, 2012.'s picture

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Communications Update

As part of Michigan’s transition to online testing, the Michigan Department of Education joined the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC), a state-led consortium working to develop a next-generation assessment system aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The assessment system that will result from this consortium’s work will be computer-adaptive and will include innovative item types that will provide for richer measurement of content.

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MHSAA Constitution Change - Vote Yes

As a member of the MHSAA Representative Council and a fellow Principal, I want to urge all MASSP Members to vote for an amendment to the MHSAA Constitution so that the MHSAA Executive committee may waive the maximum age rule for athletic participation in specific and limited cases for students with disabilities. While an absolute rule has served us well, we believe the carefully worded proposal you have received from the MHSAA is a positive solution to a complex problem.

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Election Results - Welcome New Board Members!

Congratulations President-Elect
Dave Powers