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Non-Renewal of Administrator Contracts

The following article is courtesy of the Clark-Hill law firm, written by Marshall W. Grate. It is important to know the law regarding your own contract and possible non-renewal. If you are given notice and need help or support, contact the MASSP office for assistance and guidance.

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Education Excellence Awards Deadline Extended to Feb. 29

Don't Miss Your Chance at $1,500 - Application Process is Quick, Easy and Free !

Just one week remains to submit your applications for the 2012 Education Excellence Awards. The awards honor innovative school programs that have contributed to student success. The top three programs in each of nine categories will be named winners of the Education Excellence Awards. Winning programs continue on to round two judging and the chance to be named Michigan’s Best and a cash prize of $1,500 to sustain the program.

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Building Buy In for EXPLORE and PLAN Testing

Let’s be honest, nobody enjoys testing. It is a hassle for Administration to organize and facilitate, it is nerve wracking for teachers who don’t like to proctor and it seems like a waste of time to the kids and possibly to their parents as well. How do you combat the negatives and build a positive case for EXPLORE and PLAN testing?

Explain why you are testing:

Once people understand the why and they see how it will benefit student success, many of the negatives can be overcome. Create a short PowerPoint or Prezi that includes the essentials:

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Career Technical Education Is a Major Piece of the Educational Puzzle by Paul Galbenski

Education throughout the United States is experiencing some very interesting and challenging times. As we work our way through the federal and state mandates impacting our classrooms, we look for ways to solve the educational puzzle. In order for the puzzle to be complete, each piece has to be analyzed and properly placed. I believe that Career and Technical Education (CTE) is a key piece within the educational puzzle. When challenges arise we need to look at things from a different perspective and by doing so we are able to properly assemble the various puzzle pieces.

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Balanced Leadership - A Principal's Challenge

Setting the Stage

I can remember it as if it were yesterday, “sit down Ben, I want to talk with you about some concerns I have with the noise coming out of your classroom.”  I was teaching a 9th grade Biology class in the city of Chicago, and the principal called me in to his office. 

“My concern is that when I walked by your room, I noticed it was very noisy.  At our school we find that rows have proven to be better for classroom management and keeping the noise down.”