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'Untie my Hands': A Principal's Plea

Here's a commentary from the NASSP Executive Director, Gerry Tirrozi that recently appeared in Education Week. It's a great synopsis of the work we do. After reading it, I found myself saying, "Amen!" Here it is in case you haven't seen it yet.


'Untie my Hands': A Principal's Plea
By Gerald N. Tirrozi

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Panel Told Course Standards, Teacher Smarts Part Of Distress

The gaps in student achievement across Michigan don't just boil down to municipal boundaries, family finances and race, but instead relate more to differences in curriculum standards among classrooms and the level of knowledge a teacher has in their particular subject area, a House subcommittee investigating academic emergencies was told Thursday.

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Program Will Let Students Graduate After 10th Grade

Students in up to 20 schools in eight states will have the chance to graduate after 10th grade, starting in the 2011-12 school year. The pilot program organized by the National Center on Education and the Economy and initially funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will require students to pass a series of college-level subject-based tests for program eligibility.

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Gongwer News (FEB 19, 2010) - The plans outlined by Governor Jennifer Granholm to provide an incentive for state employees to retire, with the state replacing two of every three who do, would save the state's main checkbook $758.1 million by 2020, while gross savings would total $1.95 billion, according to a new review by the House Fiscal Agency.

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MDE Clears Up Algebra II within CTE credit - Not So Much

Here is the clarification of SB 981 language regarding Algebra II credit within approved CTE courses. Before reading, I advise you get refreshment. It will take awhile.

My read tells me their word says... know the law, use the overall HS math content expectations document in your decision (the big book--not the individual course/credit content expectations documents), within a group make a decision, let you conscience be your guide and "don't ask - don't tell."

Have your refreshment? Click below to read it.

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