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A Year To Remember!

Thank you Michigan secondary principals for allowing me to serve as your President this past year.  It has been an experience that has been the highlight of my 22 year career in education.  I have learned a lot about education and a lot about people in the last year.  I’ve also learned a great deal about how legislation works or some could say doesn’t work.  Most importantly I have learned that of the various associations in Michigan the MASSP is the best.  

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Final Boot Camp

Hi Everyone,

I am so sorry I was not able to join all of you yesterday. We had the stomach flu sweep through our house. UGH!

I have attached my presentation as well as the new aggression reduction rubric we will be piloting next year. I would be more than glad to answer an questions you may have on how we developed this.

I hope you all have a relaxing summer full of recuperation and laughter. I think I am looking forward to summer more now than when I was a teacher :)


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Testing Consortium Formed - ACT within MME future dim

The State Board approved a memorandum of understanding that would make Michigan officially one of the lead states in a coalition developing a new test based on the common core.

The SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium, a combination of two earlier test development consortia, has some 30 member states working to develop new assessments for English language arts and mathematics.

Under the plan, the consortium would develop and review the test questions and the states would administer the tests.

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Michigan Becomes First State to Adopt National Standards

Michigan became the first state to adopt the Common Core State Standards and is now officially one of the governing states in a consortium to develop tests under those standards with the approval Tuesday by the State Board of Education.

The approvals also could give the state some additional points in the fight for federal "Race to the Top" funds.

Board members praised the common core developers for adding back in some topics Michigan officials had requested but that had been stripped out of earlier versions at the request of other participating states.

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Reflection Blog

Joan Abel, MASSP Lansing, June 16th end of year summary

It is hard to believe that a year has gone by since we began the Boot Camp experience. Last year, it was great meeting other "newbies" and getting advice from veteran administrators.

The experience was valuable as it also gave me opportunities to network and go to two conferences during the year supported by MASSP.

I attended the Assistant Principals Conference where there were many sessions with helpful advice. I especially enjoyed the Teacher Evaluation sessions, Technology Tips and Tricks, and Time Management sessions.

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