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The State Board of Education appears ready to follow Governor Jennifer Granholm's and others' leads in developing a proposal for funding education.

The board discussed a variety of proposals for increasing revenue and reducing costs to school districts based in large part on proposals offered by a variety of school and policy groups that have testified before the board over the past couple of months.

But members appeared to agree that proper financing of education requires additional funding in addition to cost reductions.

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RTTT fall-out: Flanagan-Salter Disagree

The Michigan Education Association (MEA) says the teachers' union would have "sold its soul" had it signed off on the Race to the Top legislation (RTTT) without reviewing the entire document. And MEA President Iris SALTER complains the state school superintendent did not "collaborate" with the union on the document.

State Superintendent Mike FLANAGAN disagrees, and says he is disappointed that for "ten months" the teacher's union failed to attend the monthly meeting of the Education Alliance, where fifteen other education groups worked out problems such as RTTT.

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Draft K-12 Common Core Standards Available for Public Comment

Frome MDE

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Administrators Take Unpaid Furlough Days, Reduced Benefits

By Frank DeFrank, Macomb Daily Staff Writer  Click here for link to the story

Administrators to take unpaid furlough days, reduced benefits totaling $880,000

More than 100 Utica Community Schools administrators will absorb concessions next school year totaling nearly $880,000, district officials announced this week.

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Retirement Legislation - Introduced March 9th

Tuesday, March 9th, we finally get to see the bill that is to make the retirement changes proposed by the Governor. It is a House Bill but I don't know at this writing who is the sponsor. That will be announced this afternoon in session.

Attached is the Bill and the Legislative Summary. If you're a detail person you have some interesting reading.

Jim Ballard

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