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Principal PD Grant Funding Applications Due Dec 7

The Michigan Department of Education is now accepting applications from Districts looking to access the grant funding for Principal and Assistant Principals who attend educator evaluation training. Whether you have taken the training already or are scheduled to take it later this year, your District only has until December 7 to apply for grant funding.

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The Election is Here, Remember to VOTE!!!

It is finally here! Election Day 2012! After over nine solid months of campaigning and billions of dollars spent to sway voter opinions, it would be an awful waste if you forgot to vote. NEVER FEAR, THOUGH! MASSP is here to help. Beginning this Sunday and continuing through Election Day (TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2012), MASSP is asking for your help in getting out the vote.'s picture

Pilot Administrator Evaluation Tools Recommended

In addition to having to select frameworks for teacher evaluation, The Michigan Council on Educator Effectiveness (MCEE) is also expected to conduct a pilot on Administrator Evaluation tools. The five-member Council delegated the responsibility for researching administrator evaluation tools to its 15 member Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee has issued a report with their recommendations for piloting four Administrator Evaluation tools.'s picture

Educator Effectiveness Ratings

At the conclusion of the 2011-12 school year the first set of effectiveness ratings were posted to the website and it was no surprise that the first group to be in the line of fire was building principals. The ratings were posted by district and the titles included: highly effective, effective and ineffective.

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Reducing The Achievement Gap: A Team Approach

Written by Jerry Davisson, Principal, Chippewa Valley High School; Region 9 Representative, MASSP Board of Directors