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An Invitation to Play In the Sandbox

The invitation to the Michigan Department of Education read:

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Uploading a Profile Picture

We want to see your mug! This video will take you through a step by step explanation of how to upload your own profile picture on MyMASSP.

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New Web Tool for Michigan Teens Aids in Culture for Education Beyond High School

Federal Grant Funds New Web Tools for Michigan Teens' Education

Your Child of Michigan, a coalition of education groups, civic leaders and family organizations, has launched a new Web engagement tool for teens at to help them get there.

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Tying Teacher Evaluation to Student Achievement

This article outlines the "value added" approach to linking educator evaluations to student performance

Tying Teacher Evaluation to Student Achievement
Caution, Yellow Light Ahead

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Study Finds Key Cost Savings for Performance Assessments

Ed Roeber, former head of MDE Office of Educational Assessment and Accountability, is one of the authors of this study.  Interesting....

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