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Authority and Responsibility

Many people struggle at work because they want more authority.
It turns out you can get a lot done if you just take more responsibility instead. It's often offered, rarely taken. Authority isn’t a title or position, it is work ethic, and personal responsibility.
(And you can get even more done if you give away credit, relentlessly).

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Where we missed on RTTT application


Michigan came closer to being a finalist for federal "Race to the Top" money for schools in the second round of the program, but fell short primarily for a lack of pathways for aspiring educators and improving teacher effectiveness, according to reviews of the state's application.

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Making a Professional Contribution

Educational leadership impacts student performance.

This is the fundamental belief of the Ed Leaders Network, a subscription-based webinar service founded by the professional principals associations in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri and Kentucky. The webinars in this library are be designed for PreK- 12 principals, educational leaders and staff throughout 8 states.

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The School Conscience

The School Conscience
There isn't one.
Schools don't have a conscience, people do.
That means that every time a teacher or an administrator says, "It's not my job," or "My department has a policy," or "All I do is work here," or “It’s not in the contract” what you've done is abdicated responsibility--to no one.

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Using Title II A funds for your professional development needs

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that the State of Michigan is in the midst of a financial and economic crisis. In order to survive, school districts across our great state have been forced to make tough decisions that have resulted in deep cuts to building programs and staff. With all the doom and gloom, how can a principal in their right mind ask their district to send them to events like the MASSP Fall Conference?

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