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It's a fact...

It's a Fact:

1) The U.S. school year averages 180 days; in better performing countries the average is 196 days for upper grades and 197 for lower grades.

2) Top achievers account for 23% of all new teachers and just 14% in high-poverty schools. Countries like Finland and Singapore draw 100% of their teachers from the top 1/3 of the academic pool.

3) Those with a bachelor's degree average $55,700 a year more in earnings than those with only a high school diploma.

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Supt. Flanagan Asks - Look Past Adair


November 1, 2010

Intermediate and Local School District Superintendents
Public School Academy Authorizers and Administrators

Mike Flanagan, Superintendent of Public Instruction

Federal Data Collection Requirements – UPDATE

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76% of MASSP members believe there are provisions in their teacher’s contract that hinder their ability to improve student learning

MASSP last week (October 20th, 2010) polled members about their relationship with the teacher contract they were responsible to administer. Five questions were asked.

To the question, are there provisions of the teacher’s contract that you believe hinder you ability to improve student learning, 32 replied no, 103 said yes. Common themes for those replying “yes” went along these lines:

• Supervision and Evaluation Language
• The contracts are not the least bit up-to-date regarding the use of data for evaluation.

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Challenging the Grading Paradigm, Part 2 (Behavior in Academic Grades)

A little over a week ago, I posted the first part of a series entitled, “Challenging the Grading Paradigm.” The goal of this series is to build awareness of a very important curricular issue in public education today – grading that promotes learning. I previously discussed the basic dilemma that educators face with regard to this topic, which are deeply imbedded paradigms about how we have always evaluated students.

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Look mom! I am blogging! I am ready...are my students ready?

I have been reading Dave Barry's blogs as well as others for weeks, and trying to muster the confidence to become a blogger. So today is the day...I am finally ready!

For me, I can't stop gravitating back to two things this year. For me, the two words that have been constants are readiness and literacy. So today's first blog is about readiness.

As a high school principal, readiness means many things...
1) College readiness -- I think we all know this one.