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House Picks Dollar Cap Over 80/20 Share on Public Health Care

A hard dollar cap on how much public employers must contribute to their employee's health insurance moved out of a House committee Tuesday.

The House Oversight, Reform and Ethics Committee chose to report House Bill 4572 over the 80-20 percent cost-sharing plan the Senate had passed in Senate Bill 7.

The dollar cap would mean that, starting in 2012, local governments could not pay more than $15,000 a year for family coverage, $10,000 for two-person coverage and $5,000 for individuals in regard to their medical, dental and optical premiums.

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Lisa Swem

Had a great chance yesterday to hear from Lisa concerning teacher evaluation and what may coming down the road. We received a lot of interesting information concerning 1249 and 1250. She also gave us great ideas concerning how to set up teacher evaluation and what to not put into a contract.
I am looking forward to our school updating teacher evaluations as we really need to update and use a new tool. We are looking hard at the Danielson model.

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MASSP Conference

I had a great time and learned a lot at the Annual Convention in Mount Pleasant. As we move into standards based education, I attended some great sessions related to this and made some great professional connections. I especially enjoyed the speakers from Laingsburg and Mattawan.
It was also great to meet with the boot campers and leaders again for supper and conversation. I really wish I would have done this program a year ago when I really needed it, but still getting a lot of great information

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Carman-Ainsworth, University of Michigan-Flint to Partner Teachers, Faculty to Instruct Advanced Placement Students

A program in the works at Carman-Ainsworth High School will pair teachers of Advanced Placement courses with University of Michigan-Flint faculty to co-teach district students, both at the high school and at UM-Flint next fall.

Individual high school students throughout the Flint area have been able to take college courses under dual enrollment programs. But Carman-Ainsworth’s program is unique because students will have exposure to college along with the support and atmosphere of a high school class.

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A Game Changing Opportunity Awaits Your Students

For many of you, the hallways are empty (or soon will be). Along with the warmer temperatures, comes a few weeks for you as the building administrator to breathe, take a step back, and then dig in for the next round of responsibilities. At MASSP we value what you do for students EVERY week of the year, but we know that some of you will wonder what will happen to your students over the course of the summer.