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Student Leadership Program Featured on the Michigan Business Network

Don’t forget that MASSP is also home to two branches of student leadership: the Michigan Association of Student Councils (MASC) and Michigan Association of National Honor Societies (MAHS).

MACS/MAHS was featured on this past week's Association Impact radio show on the Michigan Business Network.

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Opening Days with Staff - Tips and Tricks to Help You

You’ve been running around like a crazy person for the last 2-3 weeks: attending various meetings, addressing building concerns, last minute hires, meeting new families, running orientation, the list goes on and on! You haven’t had a spare minute to think about opening day with staff and its right around the corner. Here are some ideas to get you off to a positive start:

Opening Staff Meeting

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Three Percent Contribution Ruled Unconstitutional - But No Money Back Guarantee

The Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled that the 2010 law requiring public school employees to contribute 3 percent to retiree health care is unconstitutional. However, this doesn't mean you're getting your earnings back just yet.

While the decision was marked by a 2-1 vote, it's likely to be appealed once again and this time head to the Michigan Supreme Court. MASSP will continue to keep you updated on this topic as any changes occur.

For more information on the Court of Appeals ruling, keep reading:

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Opportunities for Your Student Advisers

The MASC/MAHS Adviser Academies are opportunities for advisers of student programs and activities to develop their co-curricular advising skills and run programs of high quality and maximum efficiency. All four sessions will include curriculum that will apply to ALL advisers on budgeting, student engagement, year-long calendar planning, leadership curriculum, engaging the WHOLE student body, and best practices for logistics and process management.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

After months of wrangling, the House and Senate finally managed to pass a MPSERS reform compromise bill that locks in the MPSERS rate for districts at 24.46% moving forward and does not include a mandatory move to a defined contribution system for all new employees. Current employees who are affected by the changes will have until October 26 to choose whether to pay an increased rate or accept a lower multiplier for years of service earned after the bill takes effect December 1, 2012.