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Bullying…A New Direction

Written by Jerry Davisson, Ed.D.; Principal, Chippewa Valley High School; MASSP Region 9 Representative

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

The House Education Committee took up legislation this week that would have mandated at least six hours of genocide education per year for all students in grades 8-12. MASSP spoke up in opposition to this bill (which was not voted out of committee) and there have been positive changes with hopefully more to come since genocide education is already imbedded in Michigan social studies HSCEs.

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MDE Holds Review of Teacher/Admin Cert Requirements/Rules

UPDATE: On September 24 MASSP tweeted from an MDE hosted review session on educator certification rules and then later reported in an article that, while school administrators could not use district provided professional development (DPPD) to renew their administrator certificate, they could use DPPD to renew a Professional Education (teaching) certificate—if they had one—and then use that teaching certificate to renew their administrator certificate.

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More Lessons for Educators in PDK/Gallup Poll

Phi Delta Kappa (PDK) and Gallup have released the second half of their 46th annual poll of the public's attitudes toward the public schools. This second set of poll results reflects the political trends we have been seeing in Lansing with regards to issues like teacher evaluation and graduation requirements. These poll results are also going to be the subject of tonight's #MASSPchat.

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