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MI College Goal Helps Students File for Financial Aid

Want more of your students to aim for college? Here’s an easy way to help: get them fill to out the FAFSA, a lead predictor of college aspirations. Once they see how much aid they can get, 9 in 10 students who file the FAFSA are motivated enough to enroll in college. And that helps build a college going culture at your school.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

The Governor gave his sixth State of the State speech on Tuesday, but the ongoing Flint water crisis dominated his remarks leaving education with a few brief paragraphs toward the end of the address that were mostly focused on Detroit Public Schools (though early and middle college programs and CTE also got mentions). The Governor's executive budget recommendation is the next step in the state's annual budget process, but that won't happen until February 10, so it will be at least a couple of weeks before this year's budget debate really starts to take shape.

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School District May Refuse To Process Teacher Discipline Grievances

The Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC) has denied and dismissed a Detroit Federation of Teachers’ claim that a school district’s refusal to process grievances concerning teacher discipline/discharge constitutes an unfair labor practice. Stated otherwise, the MERC has confirmed the right of a public school district to refuse to process teacher discipline grievances. Detroit Public Schools, Case No. C15 C-045.

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#MASSPchat 1/25 - Habits of Successful Leaders

The Topic: I recently came upon a quote from @LeadershipCures, "Successful leaders have successful habits" and it occurred to me that this is really true. When I think about the successful leaders that I've had the privilege of working with and/or they all had routines and habits that helped them to succeed. Let's talk about habits that you've developed which have made you successful as well as traits you've seen in others that you admire.

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AP in Michigan: The State of the State

"AP is a fad," my colleague told me. "It's just another thing that shows up, gets attention and goes away."

My reply at the time to this jaded remark was generous, perhaps because of my awareness that my colleague knows me well enough to enjoy pushing that particular button. But the comment bugged me, long-term (so I guess he won). It's not the first time I had heard a comment like this about Advanced Placement. My friend is ordinarily careful about what he says; this, on the other hand, was not a careful statement.