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Celebrating 2017-18 - MASSP's Year in Review

Every year, just before EdCon, the MASSP Board of Directors has their final meeting of the year and we celebrate with a Transition Dinner to recognize the change in leadership from one President to the next. I ended my term as MASSP's Past President on the Executive Board and I am proud to recognize the many significant achievements and accomplishments of the MASSP Board and staff during the 2017-18 school year:

More than 350 days of professional development were held by both MASSP and MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership – this included: in-house workshops, contracted events across the state and multi-day conferences.

MASSP membership during 2017-18 capped at 1,782 – our highest total in nearly a decade. MASC/MAHS membership ended at 292 schools.

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Reminders About Educator Externships

As a reminder, the Office of Educator Excellence (OEE) created and distributed a helpful guidance document relating to educator externships. Externships provide real-life experiences for educators and may help to make course content more relevant to students. Externships may be considered for education-related professional learning within the State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) or within the local District Provided Professional Development (DPPD) systems.

For more information, please see MDE's MEMO #093-18 from June 28, 2018.

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Our Champions' Culture

Written by Todd Simmons, Principal at Pewamo-Westphalia Middle/High School and Region 6 Representative on the MASSP Board of Directors

I've been asked numerous times over the last couple of years, and by various practitioners, "What is your school culture all about at P-W?" In fact, just this year alone, we have been honored to host several educators, coaches and school leaders who have come to spend part of their day with our staff and students to see for themselves what we are all about. In all cases, we attempt to demonstrate to our guests that our champions' culture is the foundation of everything we have done, and everything we hope to do.'s picture

Sheesh! When Did Education Become So Compliant?

Written by Carol Diglio, Owner, Consulting by Diglio and former building and district leader

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AP Test Fee Reduction Funding Reinstated

You may remember that earlier this spring, MASSP shared a Memo and information from MDE regarding the end of the Federal Advanced Placement (AP) Test Fee Reduction Grant. Last month, the Michigan Legislature clarified legislation, effectively reinstating the grant. Once again, qualifying students will pay $5 per exam with the Test Fee Reduction Grant covering the balance.

The MDE memo regarding this information is reprinted in it's entirety below.

MEMO #094-18
Information about the Advanced Placement (AP) Test Fee Reduction Grant for Fiscal Year 2017-2018