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House, Senate Take Testimony on STEM Endorsement Bills

The House and Senate Education Committees each took testimony this week on a pair of bills that would create a state-level STEM diploma endorsement that students could earn through their secondary-level coursework. MASSP testified with concerns about the proposed legislation and is actively working with the bill sponsors to mitigate the myriad of potential problems that the bills could cause as currently written.'s picture

M-STEP and MI-Access Administration Manuals Released

The M-STEP Test Administration Manual has been posted and is available on the M-STEP web page at This manual addresses both online and paper/pencil administrations. Administration directions for online and paper/pencil will be shipped to schools/districts.'s picture

EXTENDED - Online Learning Perception Survey

We have agreed to help our partners at Michigan Virtual University with gathering information about the perception of online learning - and we need to hear from building leaders! We ask that you please take just a few minutes (about 5-10) and answer this short survey:

The survey has been extended and is available through the end of Tuesday, March 24.

Please take a moment to help us gather as much feedback as possible. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Michigan Open Carry Law Update – Recent Developments

On March 5, 2015, Michigan Open Carry, Inc., a non-profit advocacy organization, and a parent, Kenneth Herman, filed suit in Genesee Circuit Court against the Clio Area School District, the Clio superintendent, and the principal of the elementary school where Herman’s daughter attends. Herman alleges that his rights were violated by the District on multiple occasions when he tried to pick up his daughter from school, while having a weapon on his person that was openly displayed.'s picture

ESEA Flexibility Waiver Feedback - Letter to MDE

The following is a letter written to the Michigan Department of Education regarding MASSP's feedback about the ESEA Flex Waiver.

To Whom It May Concern:

We are writing today to provide feedback on Michigan's proposed ESEA Flexibility Waiver renewal request. On behalf of our 1,800 secondary school principal members from across the state who are often not in a position to advocate on their own behalf, but who are nevertheless directly affected by these proposed changes, we want to thank you for this opportunity.

MASSP offers the following:

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