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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

The House and Senate are officially on spring break until at least April 17. Both the House and Senate K-12 budget subcommittees successfully reported out their budget recommendations before leaving town. The Senate had its done last week and the House reported its version on Tuesday, putting out a proposal that closely resembles the Governor's budget recommendation, though with some key differences.

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House Reports K-12 Budget Rec

This week the House K-12 budget subcommittee unveiled its proposal for the 2014-15 School Aid budget. With key differences, the House budget closely resembles Governor Snyder's executive budget recommendation released back in February and would mean a base foundation allowance increase for schools between $56 and $112 per pupil over current year funding levels.'s picture

EPAS Worksheets Now Available!

It's that time of year! Your EPAS data has likely found its way back to your school and if it hasn't yet, it soon will. Breaking down this important data can seem cumbersome, but it's important to use it - and the sooner the better. To assist in the process, I am attaching a link for you with updated worksheets (Explore form 05b and Plan 32b) to analyze your data with staff, students AND parents. See below on how to access this great MASSP member benefit!

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Why I Disagree With Michigan Department of Education on Standardized Testing

Written by Tammy Jackson, MASSP President-Elect and Principal, East Jordan High School. Reprinted from the Detroit Free Press, March 19, 2014.

Lawmakers in Lansing are making a budget decision that will have a much greater impact than its price tag might suggest. The test the Legislature picks to replace our current student assessment will measure not only our student’s readiness for college or a career, but will also be used to evaluate educators like me, and by the state and federal government to rank my school against others.

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