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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

Legislation on educator evaluations has been temporarily put on hold as the House Education Committee debates a pair of bills aimed at making sure all students are reading on grade level by third grade. This week's marathon hearing was the second one focused on this bill package, which would put in place a number of interventions to ensure that all students, but also has language that would effectively retain students in third grade if they weren't proficient in reading on the state's third grade assessment.

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Leadership Day at the Palace is Back!

MASC/MAHS is proud to announce the return of Leadership Day at the Palace! This awesome partnership with the Detroit Pistons allows our student leaders to witness what collaboration and leadership skill sets look like on the professional level. Students that participate in the event come to the Palace to learn from a panel of professionals within the Detroit Pistons organization and how creating a culture of leadership can propel you to the next level. After the educational Q and A with Pistons personal, students get to witness leadership on the court!'s picture

MASSP Podcast - Chris Wigent on the Superintendency and MASA's Direction

In this edition of MASSP's new podcast series Wendy sits down with Chris Wigent, Executive Director of the Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA). Chris and Wendy discuss the new State Superintendent's plan to make Michigan a Top 10 Education State in the next 10 years, the direction of MASA and it's partnership with MASSP, and leadership at both the building and District level.

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Educator Self-Assessment – A Practice for Professional Growth

With the start of a new year and everyone gearing up for the crazy fall, educators try to brace themselves for the many demands placed on them early in the year: getting to know students, establishing routines in the classroom and school, setting a positive tone for the year, and navigating the ever-changing demands in our business. With everything educators have going on as they come back to work, one of the things that can get lost in the details is an authentic self-assessment of professional practice.