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Getting to Know the New SAT

Not only is Michigan switching from ACT to SAT in 2016, the SAT itself is getting a huge overhaul. Out goes the 2400-point scale, the surfeit of esoteric vocabulary, and the penalty for wrong answers that discouraged guessing.

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The SAT Transition…An FAQ

Over the last several days MASSP has been compiling a list of the questions we've been receiving from the field and doing our best to find answers to all of them. Depending on the question, we have had mixed results. What follows is the first round of what will be an ongoing dialogue over the weeks and months to come. MASSP is committed to getting information out to the field in a timely manner so that you can plan ahead and be prepared to help your students and staff cope with the transition.'s picture

So, SAT It Is!

Wow. You may still be reeling from the MDE memo on Wednesday informing us of the switch from ACT to SAT. Personally, my emotions have been up and down since learning the news. We’ve had so much change in the last few years: the huge change in our evaluation system caused by 380.1249, the adoption of the Common Core State Standards, the ongoing changes in the Michigan Merit Curriculum, the move from the Michigan Merit Exam to the M-Step…and I’m sure I’m missing others! The one constant was the ACT – and now that will be leaving us in 2016.'s picture

#MASSPchat 1/12 - Using Structures and Routine to Create a High Growth School

The Topic:
Battelle for Kids researched and studied buildings and districts that accelerated student learning and produced greater student growth (value added data) than other buildings and districts in the state. The 5 Strategies that were identified were:

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What Michigan’s Switch to the SAT Means for High School Students

MDE's announcement yesterday to move from the ACT to the SAT for the 2015-16 school year certainly caught all of us off guard. Many of you contacted MASSP to express your frustration and concern and to ask many good questions about why and how this happened. We have already been in contact with the College Board and are working to put together information and professional development to assist you with the transition. It will be important for Principals to work closely with other impacted groups such as counselors and higher ed to make this move as seamless as possible.

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