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Student Absence Allowed for Deploying or Returning Service Member

Effective May 28, 2008, Public Act 141 (the "Act")
amended the Revised School Code to allow a student to be
absent up to one full day because his or her parent, legal
guardian, or sibling is a service member being deployed to
or returning from active duty. MCL 380.1138. The Act
also allows a student to be absent from school for up to two
full school days if the location of the deployment or return
is more than 300 miles from the student's home. Under
these circumstances, school officials must consider the

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Lack of Member Insight vs. Lower the Standard

Those attending the MASSP Summer Retreat received the inside scoop as to the legislative directions the association is going. We put it right up front, it's not wise of an associaiton of school principals to support legislative attempts that will create a headline that reads - Principals Support Lower Academic Standards. We have made significant inroads within the Department of Education and Legislative and Policy leaders to redirect the benchmarks to essential skills creating a priority for teacher and giving them much needed direction.

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How would you prefer to interact with our website when you have questions/issues to share with other members?

* I prefer questions and answers that get asked to groups, like it is now.
* I prefer to have discussion forums and "threads", where I can move from topic to topic.
* I like the old email-only system, the "listserv".
* I don't use this website for those purposes / Does not apply

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MASSP Looking for volunteer to work on Gary Peters Race

State Senator Gary Peters, while serving on the Senate Education Committee was a good friend of our association and educators in general. He listened to all sides, was thoughtful, and while following his caucus always was able to put in needed "course corrections" in legislation.

After leaving the Senate he ran for AG but was not successful. He went on to run the MI Lottery for a number of years. Now he running to represent the 9th Congressional District in Michigan. He is running against Joe Knollenberg.

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I hear colleges are dropping ACT?

As I stand before various education groups the questions that come at me are often telling of what's being discussed over the coffee table. Lately, it's been, "I've read that colleges are dropping using the ACT or SAT for admission?" What is implied is, our efforts to have the ACT as the foundation for our high school tests were a mistake. I still believe MASSP did the right thing and here's why.

- We know that most colleges/universities still require official ACT/SAT scores from those who are enrolling.