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Helping Students Navigate the Path to College: What High Schools Can Do

I just received the following email from Berhseril Bailey at Learning Points Associates (formerly known as NCREL.) Learning Points Associates is a national education consulting firm that is currently "on contract" with the MDE. I found a lot of great information in this publication so I thought I would post it here. Thanks, Bersheril!!!

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The Value of Negative Learning by Alfie Kohn

The current edition of Education Week contains a commentary by Alfie Kohn, a longtime national advocate of alternative education. If you are not familiar with Mr. Kohn’s writings, you may find them inspiring … or provocative, depending on your outlook.

Mr. Kohn’s current Education Week article explores what it takes to make a good alternative educator. When you have a spare couple of minutes, you may want to follow this link for a quick sample of Alfie Kohn’s ideas.

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Over a year ago I heard the Gates Foundation people tell of their switch of focus to get the message to the students. is it. The site states, “Get schooled is founded on the belief that our nation can be made stronger by strengthening the minds and improving the skills of every American….Everything is connected to education…We will work to connect and engage all those who care about education and are actively working toward change.”

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Spanish program implemented at Charlotte schools

From the Lansing State Journal

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Handouts from the Women in Leadership Conference

Hi All,

Welcome to the Women's Leadership Network Group. I am posting the handouts from the August 29th Women in Leadership Conference.

Crucial Conversations Handout--Geraldine Roberts Moore, Asst. Supt. Rochester Community Schools and Wendy Zdeb, Rochester High School Principal

Leading Change Handout --Surlura Jackson, Ann Arbor Skyline High School Principal