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Common Core Standards Up For Comment In March

A "draft-of-a-draft" of The Common Core State Standards Initiative, a state-led effort coordinated by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) was presented to the state Board of Education this week.

A quick overview of the 450-plus page document was provided comparing the proposed Core Standards with Michigan's standards in general, Michigan English Language Arts standards and Michigan mathematics standards.

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A Secondary Redesign Professional Learning Opportunity

Invitation to Apply:
You’re invited to submit an application for the second cohort of the Reaching and Teaching Struggling Learners Initiative (RTSL), a dropout prevention project of the Michigan Department of Education/Office of Special Education and Early Intervention Services (MDE/OSE-EIS). This secondary redesign effort will support a leadership team of six (6) or more members to ensure positive outcomes for students with disabilities and all struggling learners at the middle and/or high school level.

Schools Likely to Benefit:

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Jim's Testimony to Senate RE: Educational Development Plans

February 11, 2010

Members of the Senate Education Committee

Thank you for running the new, much improved, version of SB 757 by us before committee. From what you shared with us, I understand it to focus on Education Development Plans only. I shared this section with members of my Board of Directors. We have the following comments.

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Questions about Retirement?

MASSP is meeting with the director of the Michigan Teachers Retirement office Friday morning.

Why Friday morning? It’s the morning after the Governor delivers her 2010/11 budget. We’ll learn the details of the proposed retirement changes.

What do you hope to accomplish? MASSP plans to make a podcast with Phil Stoddard, director of the state of Michigan's Office of Retirement Services. The purpose of the podcast is so our members can listen as the Director answers questions regarding the Governor’s proposals.

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Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

PalmerMark200h_0.jpgBy Mark Palmer
MASSP President