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BRIM Resources for Jami & Steve

Here's the pdf attachement. I hope this works Jami!

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Tenure Reform amendment - SB 638

SB 638 is on it's way to the House for approval. In the Race To The Top package it is listed as a critical part needed in the application. It is vague but opens the door for some limited reform.

Here's the amendment: Senate Bill No. 638 as amended December 3, 2009

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While education lobbyists and House lawmakers still are working behind the scenes on education reforms pertaining to charter schools and teacher performance, the public debate on the legislation Thursday was all about whether state law requiring schools to start after Labor Day should be changed.

The House Education Committee will hear more testimony and vote on HB 5623 next week, but education officials were pleased the latest draft form included a "teacher's bill of rights," which would include a process for teachers to file a state claim seeking adequate teacher supplies.

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Leadership Academy for Aspiring Superintendents

Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) and Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA) are pleased to offer a professional development opportunity for aspiring superintendents interested in learning skills and strategies to prepare them for the challenging and rewarding responsibilities of being a superintendent.

Successful superintendents agree that their longevity in a school district isn’t only attributed to excellent leadership competencies, but also to establishing a working rapport with the school board, which enhances their ability to lead the district.

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Professional Development, on-line, 5 on-line

This is to advise that the new language in Section 101(10) of the State School Aid Act which requires local districts and public school academies to provide 5 online hours of professional development in order to count up to 38 hours of professional development towards the minimum requirement of 1,098 hours of instruction is not effective until the school year 2010- 2011.