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More Michigan Schools Making AYP

2009 AYP Summary attached

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Study: Failing to graduate on time costs $12B

Failure to graduate has costly consequences for the State of Michigan. Read the study

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Finally! We have all of our keynote speakers for the Annual Convention. And, we have really good ones. Timely will be the best word to describe all of them.

Mike Flanagan, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, will open the convention Sunday evening. He has always been a crowd favorite. Several of his presentations to us have earned standing ovations. With all the policies swooshing around in education right now I’m confident he will have enlightening comments. He always gets us to focus on why we do what we do.

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Replace the principal

In your MASSP Weblines this week was a summary of the School Improvement Grants published by the U.S. Department of Education. Reading this summary gets me to squirming. I am so frustrated that every solution to improve, turn-around, or, transform starts with the dismissal of the building principal. It just affirms the statement – the principal is responsible. But, few ever consider if the principal has the authority to reach the goal.

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It's a pleasure

Like many of you, the new school year starts off with a staff meeting. We've had several changes in staff during the summer here at MASSP. We have two new replacements. As I sat with the eight of us who are the staff of MASSP I realized all but two (Including me) are in their 20's or 30's.

The topic for the meeting was our website. The MASSP website is our main vehicle to communicate with our members. It is who we are.

As I listened to the ideas, enthusiasm, and knowledgeable this group of people brought to the discussion it was relaxing just to enjoy the conversation. It was a pleasure to guide and not have to push.

I hope you have a similar experience in the days to come with your staff.