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Doing What We Do Best: A Simple, Straight Forward Approach to Improving Student Achievement

Steve BeyerBy Steven M. Beyer
Associate Principal, Stevensonson HS

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Much Ado About the Personal Curriculum

personal curriculum GRAPHICBy Diane McMillan
MASSP Associate Director

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Pre and Post MME Math Content Expectations

Here is the link to the MDE Math Wiki spaces, The pre and Post MME Math Content Expectations are also attached. This document can be useful for determining the content of the 1/2 credit of Algebra II and what is "practicable for students in the Personal Curriculum.

MDE Math Wiki Spaces Link

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Mini Grants Available for Your Classroom

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Mini Grants Available From Meemic®

The MEEMIC Foundation has a mini-grant program that can provide funding for creative enhancements to your current curriculum that positively impacts the future of your students. Grants of up to $2,500 are available.

Applications may be completed online at www.meemic.com. Click on “Especially for Educators” and follow the links to the MEEMIC Foundation.

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The Revised School Code

Here is the Revised School Code Act 451 of 1976 in its entirety.

Hint: As a pdf, this document is searchable. Just put your key word(s) in the "Search" or "Find" box in the pdf document and all instances of the word or phrase will come up. Scroll through the list to find your passage.