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Principal's View - Race to the Top

The Department of Education released the final notice on the Race to the Top Fund. Because most of the notice is a detailed response to the public comments that were submitted to the Department, I have posted a brief summary on the Principal’s Policy Blog about our key issues, which is an attachment on the link below.

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Armed with the recently released federal guidelines for the “Race to the Top” educational program, the House Education Committee this week continued their deliberations on legislation designed to ensure Michigan complies with the program. The week also saw the introduction of two more legislative proposals intended to be part of the state’s response.

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With the two legislative chambers now in recess until December 1st, any hope of mitigating or eliminating the $127 per pupil reduction in K-12 funding as directed by Governor Granholm’s proration order blew away like the leaves of fall. The order is slated to take effect this weekend, although the first adjusted payment to be issued under the order will not be transmitted to local schools until December 20th.

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With federal guidelines for the U.S. Department of Education's "Race to the Top" program in their hands, lawmakers in the House continued discussion Thursday as to what reforms the state should pass to improve schools and qualify for the federal funding.

And two more bills were dropped into the package being debated: The bills, which were introduced Wednesday, require pupil achievement to be part of a school employee's job performance review and allow the Department of Human Services to open up a child negligence case if parents don't ensure their kids attend school regularly.'s picture

Winter HS Transformation Academy set for Dec. 14th at Milan High

Come to the one-day seminar on the unique educational ideas, approaches and systems in place at Milan High to help each and every child succeed! Come hear best practice ideas on Monday,
December 14th at Milan High School. Sessions times: 8 am – 11am noon-2:30pm.
Cost: $200 per person per day or $100 per half-day session; Groups: 1 free registration for every 5th staff member!
Sessions include:

Session A: Math For All: Algebra & Geometry Session I (all educators)