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We’re all frustrated!

I’ve written before of how I enjoy driving to visit with members within their own local area. I do about twenty of these trips a year. It's great travel time through Michigan and a chance to visit with some really nice people and make new friends. I’ve been making these trips for a number of years. Today was the first time I dreaded one of these drives.

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Together We Won't

The governor plans to improve education by merging school districts. But other states have tried it - and it doesn't work.

IN THE ONGOING effort to fix America's ailing schools, one of the most popular ideas is to shrink the number of school districts.

The country once had more than 130,000 independent districts managed by local communities. Merging them into larger units, advocates said, would lead to a more efficient system, reducing costs while offering students more opportunities and producing better academic results. This approach, part of a larger movement to standardize schools, reduced the number of districts by 90 percent between 1930 and 1970.

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The Emerging Leaders Program Coming in June

Emerging Leaders Program

June 16-18, 2009

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The Loss of a Friend

I remember the first time I ever met Dr. Emeral Crosby. I was new in my position as a high school principal and attending the MASSP convention in Grand Rapids. There was this principal from Detroit that was going to speak during the NCA session on the new report entitled “A Nation At Risk.” I learned that Dr. Crosby had been selected by President Regan to be on the committee that drafted the report. I sat in the back row so I could sneak out, and instead got sucked in.

Dr. Crosby was an amazing presenter. Man, could he get you fired up! And, he knew his stuff!

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Hey, Blow Your Horn About Your School/Program

MASSP CTE & Secondary Education Showcase Days at the Capitol

On March 24 & 26, 2009 the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals will be hosting two very special events at the State Capitol in Lansing:

MASSP CTE Showcase at the Capitol on March 24, 2009