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Website for Michigan Students Asking About Transfer of College Credit

One of the most upsetting things for college students to discover is that they have wasted time and money earning credits that won't apply toward a degree. A valuable new online, free system helps students transferring courses from one college or university to another to do it successfully.

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Legislature Races to Correct Service Tax Mistake

Attached is a summary of the Senate actions. Closure must be done before December 1st. The good news is the Senate is committed to make sure education remains funded at the levels promised.

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Common School Calendar (PA 101 of 2007)

This bill requires school districts within in sent some common calendar dates within the school year.

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Transfer Students and Personal Curriculum (PA 141-2007)

This 2007 legislation allow a student transferring into the public school certain exceptions from the MI Merit Curriculum.

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Study Finds Need for Sharp School Spending Hike in Pa. - Ed. Weekly

Education Weekly

Published Online: November 21, 2007

Study Finds Need for Sharp School Spending Hike in Pa.
By Catherine Gewertz

Pennsylvania must increase education spending by nearly 27 percent in order to reach its goal of bringing all students to proficiency in mathematics and reading by 2014, according to a financial analysis ordered by state lawmakers.