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School Officials Back Reforms, Tax Hike

Education officials today popped a number of familiar government and tax reforms as long term-solutions for K-12 funding problems, but they didn't sell it as a fix for the projected Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 deficit.

The School Aid Fund is $425 million in the red, which translates to a $268 per-pupil cut, according to Monday's Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference (See "At Least $1.725B Hole For FY '11," 1/11/10).

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Closing the Loop: Michigan Raises Dropout Age

By Diane McMillan
Associate Director

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Algebra 2 scheduling?

How have you scheduled the Algebra 2 into the master schedule? Please indicate if you are on trimesters or semesters.

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RTT Language - Personal Curriculum Changes: request, committee, Algebra II

Change - A teacher, school counselor, or school employee qualified to act in a counseling role may contact a pupil’s parent or legal guardian to discuss the possibility and potential benefits of a personal curriculum under this subsection for the pupil.

Change - The teacher included in the group developing the personal curriculum shall be a teacher who is currently teaching the pupil, who currently teaches in or whose expertise is in a subject area being modified by the personal curriculum, or who is determined by the principal to have qualifications otherwise relevant to the group.

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RTT Language - The right of passage of 16 is gone for 6th graders and younger

HB 4787 - Modifies the school age law beginning with this years (09-10) 6th graders (11 years old). These student may not drop out of school until 18. There are exceptions.