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What Some See As The Goal of MI’s 21st Century Schools

There seems to be little support for Governor Granholm’s education initiative, MI’s 21st Century Schools. Click here for a summary of this initiative as first proposed. The way it’s developed, for many, there is not a lot to like.

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The Leadership Limbo

This article from the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation explores the relationships, and often the conflicts, between school reform and teacher union contracts. Cover photo of Leadership Limbo

By Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Michael J. Petrilli

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Lansing Update — Budget Threatened by Revenue Shortage

Governor GranholmThe Executive Budget presented by Governor Jennifer Granholm just last month may already be in trouble, but the problem at this point is not a repeat of last year’s budget impasse between the Executive Office and the Legislature. This time, as it was going into last year’s budget debacle, the issue is again money—or, more specifically, the lack thereof.

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Michigan Students Learn to Lead with Help from Scholarship Program

MASC/MAHS LogoIn July, high school students from throughout the state will attend a highly acclaimed camp that helps them develop their leadership potential. Unfortunately, many schools do not have the funds to help their students attend this life-enhancing camp. And, many eligible students cannot pay their own way.

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Update - MASSP Legislative Efforts

Jim BallardBy Jim Ballard
Executive Director

It’s been an interesting week for MASSP in Lansing. Two of our legislative initiatives have received public support from some very important players.
Most immediate are our efforts to reform some areas of the Michigan Merit Examination. This is being written two days before many of you administer the Michigan Merit Exam, so I think this might catch your attention.