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We Made AYP

I was is Albion several days this past week. Drove by Albion MS a lot. Their school sign read, "We Made AYP." They, and we, have every reason to be proud of this accomplishment.

But how many know what "AYP" is?

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Time for a pause

Time for a pause

I remember an article I wrote at the end of my year as president of our association. It was about those few minutes between the end of one school year and the start of the next. It’s that time when you say good-bye to the students and teachers leaving for their summer break, and that awaiting meeting to discuss next year issues. There is that minute or two, without pressure to “get it done” that you get to reflect on the past year.

Well, this is my pause.

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A New Super!


I am writing you with mixed feelings to tell you I must resign as the MASSP High School Commission Chairperson and from the MASSP Board of Directors. I've accepted a position as Superintendent of the Laingsburg Community School system effective August 3, 2009.

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For a number of years headlines in local papers pronounced the failings of public and charter schools. When we worked so hard to put the ACT in place as our test, our critics concluded that we'll never be able to show improvement. They also said our averages would go down.

Well, not so.

This year, with 100% of our students taking the ACT we have growth --significant growth.

My Saturday morning paper had this headline: "Schools do well in state Merit Exam."

Our members and their teaching staff are seeing the means to get our students to the next step. Good job!

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Report: State Poised to Lift Graduation Rates

It says wise use must be made of federal stimulus money

Lansing State Journal
Kathleen Lavey
July 23, 2009

Michigan is one of 17 states in a "make or break" position as the U.S. strives to improve high school graduation rates, according to a nationwide report released Wednesday.

But the report also says the state - along with Ohio and California - is in a good spot to boost graduation rates if local school districts take advantage of federal stimulus money and other resources as well as tailoring solutions to their individual needs.