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The Revised School Code

Here is the Revised School Code Act 451 of 1976 in its entirety.

Hint: As a pdf, this document is searchable. Just put your key word(s) in the "Search" or "Find" box in the pdf document and all instances of the word or phrase will come up. Scroll through the list to find your passage.

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Resources for Personal Curriculum Webinar 3-18-08

Here is the powerpoint for today's webinar. Please download it just in case of technical difficulties. Remember to phone in at 3 pm. I have also included some sample document of personal curriculum. Newaygo County RESA has graciously allowed us to post their work and tell the participants to revise, edit, expand etc. to fit your needs.

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Maps for CTE Showcase at the Capitol 2008

Map of downtown Lansing


Map of the first floor of the Capitol


These images are also attached below in a larger format for clearer printing.

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My Field Trip to Visit Rhode Island HS’s, and What I Learned About Algebra II

On Tuesday evening, I climbed onboard the Delta commuter to take me to Providence, Rhode Island to join the Michigan delegation taking part in the American Youth Policy Forum Field Trip. I was AYPF’s guest for the next two days. On the plane with me was Kathleen Straus, President of the State Board of Education. We would meet the other Michigan members at breakfast the next morning. Our delegation consisted of representatives from the Governor’s office, a State Senator, a MDE advisor, the Superintendent of Detroit Public Schools, Kathleen and myself.

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Legal Hazards Of Monitoring Off-Campus Speech In The Internet Age

By Marshall W. Grate
A public school district must exercise caution in monitoring off-campus speech. In Layshock v Hermitage School District, (WD PA 2007), a public school district was held to have violated the First Amendment rights of a senior high school student when it issued a 10-day suspension for his creation of a parody profile of the high school principal on the student’s website during non-school hours at the student’s grandmother’s computer.