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Take This Survey

Mark Thomas, principal of Northview High School and MASSP past president, served on a national committee of principals and educators this summer to craft a set of standards that will be used to grant a national board certification to interested principals.

The Advanced Certification for Educational Leaders (ACEL)  Gerry Tirozzi, NASSP Executive Director said, "It is imperative to ensure that the voices of our collective memberships are heard loud and clear as the standards, which will drive the ultimate assessment for receiving an advanced certificate, are put into place,

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No more excuses

Because my home is minutes away from Spartan Stadium my loyalties lean green and white. As a Spartan fan we've learned to say "we're in a building year."

We'll as educators we've been saying our ACT scores have remained flat because the students taking the MME have not been held to the higher standards. We'll this year that all changes.

The Class of 2011 next March with take the MME. A significant number of them will have completed Algebra I, Geometry, and one semester of Algebra II. Plus they will have completed 2.5 years of English and science.

Let's hope that the ACT results reported next May say, "Michigan's average ACT show significant increase and now lead the nation." Shall we pray....

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Alternative Schools Should Put an End to Smoke Breaks

Scene: During a televised Sunday afternoon football game, a commercial begins with the camera on a pile of cigarette butts. Then, it pans up to show a number of teens smoking. Both shots show an open school building clearly visible in the background.

Narrator: “Smoking breaks… at school??? (Horror and dismay are obvious in the voice of the narrator.) News Center X has learned that local high school students are regularly smoking between classes… while their teachers watch! (Gasp.) Students are supposed to be learning things at school. Is breaking the law one of them? Tune in Tuesday night at 6:00 to see what News Center X uncovered at some of our local high schools.”

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Jim Speaks up for MMC Math Requirements

The Algebra II mathematics requirement remains a hot topic for Michigan residents.  Jim Ballard and our association were named and quoted a Detroit Free Press article about the upcoming hearing on the Sheltrown Bill.

Judging from the 114 reader reactions, it appears that the readers agree with Jim by overwhelming opposing any attempt to lower the mathematics requirements.  Click here to read the articles comments.  Read at least a few pages of comments to get the general sentiments of the readers.

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Education Alliance


In early August the Michigan Education Alliance meets to establish key topics to be worked on during the school year. The Alliance is made up of executive directors from 16 statewide education associations. These groups are comprised of teacher unions, administrator associations, higher education, charter schools, private schools, parent groups, and the business community. We meet to find those places in education policy where we all agree. Surprisingly, there are several. Upon agreement of the entire group (the vote must be 16-0 for a position to be given) and under the letterhead of the Michigan Education Alliance, policy makers are notified of our joint agreement.