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#MASSPCHAT - Back to School Topics!

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Please Accept My Apologies

Let me begin by saying that I am sorry. I am sorry that what you are about to read may not make you feel warm and fuzzy. I am sorry that what I have to say may not be inspirational or motivational. I am sorry that I--along with many other administrators, teachers, and students--am in this position. I am sorry that this is my reality.

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MDE Taking Public Comment on Next State Assessment

The Michigan Department of Education has opened a formal public comment period to take input before it issues an RFP for the state's next assessment system. From now until August 5 MDE will be gathering feedback from educators and the public. It is important that Principals make their voices heard during this process.

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Planning Your Local Evaluation System for 2014-15

Before they left for summer break, the legislature passed and the Governor signed SB 817, which, more or less, took Michigan temporarily back in time to the law that was in place for the 2012-13 school year. However, the legislature could pass new educator evaluation legislation (HB 5223-24) as soon as this September that would move Michigan several steps forward down the path to a research-based evaluation system. So how should a building principal plan for next year when there are two very different laws that could be in place?

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Principal Certification Woes? We Have the Answer!

Are you in need of administrator certification or do you know a colleague who is? The next Cohort of MASSP's alternative route to K-12 administrator certification is now open! We are currently accepting Path to Leadership program applications for Cohort #15 – now through Friday, October 3.

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