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#MASSPchat 1/25 - Habits of Successful Leaders

The Topic: I recently came upon a quote from @LeadershipCures, "Successful leaders have successful habits" and it occurred to me that this is really true. When I think about the successful leaders that I've had the privilege of working with and/or they all had routines and habits that helped them to succeed. Let's talk about habits that you've developed which have made you successful as well as traits you've seen in others that you admire.

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AP in Michigan: The State of the State

"AP is a fad," my colleague told me. "It's just another thing that shows up, gets attention and goes away."

My reply at the time to this jaded remark was generous, perhaps because of my awareness that my colleague knows me well enough to enjoy pushing that particular button. But the comment bugged me, long-term (so I guess he won). It's not the first time I had heard a comment like this about Advanced Placement. My friend is ordinarily careful about what he says; this, on the other hand, was not a careful statement.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

January's Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference was Thursday and, although the revenue estimates would seem to indicate growth, those numbers don't tell the full story. Increasing costs and tax losses offset increases in revenue—which likely translates into a roughly flat budget for 2016-17—but there are a LOT of uncertainties that could change the story and declining enrollment and cost increases could make the picture darker for many districts.

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MASSP Members Get A Big Discount at the 2016 MACUL Conference

In partnership with MACUL, we are excited to offer a $145 savings for MASSP members to attend the MACUL 2016 Conference in Grand Rapids on March 10 & 11. MACUL's annual conference is recognized as one of the most comprehensive conferences on the uses of technology in our nation.