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Winter Workshop for Activity Advisers

Do your student advisers need fresh ideas and support? Then consider having them join MASC/MAHS on Friday, January 30 and Saturday, January 31 for a two-day workshop at the Soaring Eagle Resort. The event is packed with influential speakers, programmatic resources, adviser breakout sessions and adviser-to-adviser networking unlike anywhere else. Your student advisers will have opportunities to network, be inspired and leave with new, program-defining activities and resources!'s picture

Combating Cyberbullying In Our School

As cyberbullying becomes an increasing concern for LHS and schools throughout the country, we need your help. Below, on the following pages, and in the separate attachment is information that will help us work together to address this problem.'s picture

How Will State Assessment Data Factor Into Student Growth for 2014-15? Student Growth Percentiles

Many of you have been asking, “How can state assessment data be required for evaluation this year when we will have a brand new test?” If you didn’t read your MDE Spotlight on Student Assessment and Accountability email from December 4th you may have missed the answer. The Spotlight publication introduced the concept of Student Growth Percentiles or (SGPs). The newsletter explains, “Student Growth Percentiles describe a student’s learning over time, compared to other students with equivalent prior test scores.

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Is Your Career Suffering from Groundhog Day Syndrome?

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#MASSPchat 12/29 Mid-Year Reflection & New Year's Resolutions

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