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MASA's State Board of Ed Presentation

The shared goal of the State Superintendent and the State Board of Education is to develop Michigan into a Top Ten education performing state over the next ten years. To that end, the State Board has taken public comment from a host of education groups during board meetings in August and September. In fact, the public has been invited to submit comment via a simple online survey on the MDE's website or by sending an email containing your suggestions to top10in10@michigan.gov by November 1, 2015.

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Important Testing Notes for 2016

Principals will want to be aware of two articles that appeared in this week's Spotlight on Assessment and Accountability publication from MDE. There is a deadline fast approaching for updating contact information for test coordinators and administrators in the Education Entity Master system. Additionally, College Board has provided some guidance and clarification around SAT seating requirements.

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MDE Memos: Middle Level Endorsements and Behavioral Intervention Plans

Endorsements specific to middle level grades are now being expanded to be K-8 or K-9 endorsements, depending on the circumstance. Additionally, the MDE has put out a memo clarifying the required and permissive uses of behavioral intervention plans. This clarification is in part a response a federal finding that the MDE Office of Special Education (OSE) has been out of compliance with IDEA complaint review process.

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Are You Certified? Make Sure You're In Compliance.

Are you in need of administrator certification or do you know a new colleague who is? Remember, all new administrators – including those of you who may have many years in administration under your belt, but started a new position – are required by law to be certified. Consider MASSP's alternative route to K-12 administrator certification the Path to Leadership program! We are currently accepting program applications for Cohort #21 – now through Thursday, September 10 (with subsequent Cohorts beginning later this fall).