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New Tool for Student Growth Calculations: Data Goes In, Ratings Come Out

Calculating student growth for evaluations is hard; and doing it correctly is even more difficult. State law says it has to be based on three years of data from multiple measures. For teachers of tested grades and subjects, half of the student growth rating must be based on the three most recent years of state test data, or whatever is available. Starting next school year the weight rises to 40% of an evaluation, increasing the significance of evaluating performance. And to top it all off, districts are responsible for rostering and aggregating the data, and then calculating ratings for individual teachers, building administrators and central office administrators. Stressed yet?

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New Teacher Certification Structure Announced to Improve Preparation

A new teacher certification is in the works. The Michigan Department of Education (MDE), in collaboration with MASSP and other stakeholders, have been working to revise Michigan's teacher certification structure and improve the preparation of the state's educator workforce. The plan was recently announced via an MDE memo at the end of April and formally presented to the State Board of Education on May 8. The changes to Michigan's current system are in an effort develop a "students-first system" that prepares effective educators to use differentiated supports and meet the needs of the whole child.

Overview of Restructure

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MDE Communications to Note - Week of May 7

Each week, MASSP combs through all of the MDE communications sent to the field, including Memos and Spotlight, to ensure that you're aware of important information and deadlines. On Thursday, several MDE Memos were issued that you don't want to miss regarding school safety training and the new Social Studies standards. Additionally, important information was released regarding the College Board's Answer Sheet Verification process and window. This process is absolutely critical for ensuring that schools have correct information for the accountability data.

Each of these items can be found below.

MEMO #071-18
Education-Related Professional Development Credit for School Safety Training

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

State Superintendent Brian Whiston passed away Monday after a battle with cancer, a loss that MASSP and many others in the education community are mourning and one that could have significant implications in terms of state education policy, as the ink is still wet on many of the reforms implemented under his leadership. The House Law and Justice Committee continued it's two-meeting-per-week schedule on Tuesday and Wednesday, taking up the Senate's version of legislation introduced in response to the Nassar sexual abuse case.

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Proposed Sexual Abuse Legislation Has K-12 Implications

In the last few months, both the House and Senate have been working on legislation dealing with sexual assault and sexual abuse. Some of these bills are a direct response to the Larry Nassar sexual abuse case while others are ideas that have been around a while, but are just now receiving consideration in light of recent events. Regardless of their origin, bills in both the Senate and House bill packages have implications for K-12 education and some would have direct impacts at the building level.