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Reminder: World Language Requirements Change for Class of 2022

Scheduling season is here and—as many Principals are doubtless aware—the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) world language requirements change again for this year's eighth grade class. In 2014, the Legislature added language that allowed students graduating in 2016-2021 to substitute CTE or an additional credit of visual, performing, or applied arts (VPAA) for one of the two required credits in world language. This option goes away for the class of 2022, the cohort of students currently in eighth grade.

Below, we've reviewed the law, the relevant MDE guidance, and pending legislation to help Principals understand what options they have and what changes may be on the horizon.

The Law and Your Options

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Tools for Analyzing Your PSAT/SAT Data - Compare & Contrast Data

Participants who attend MASSP's Data Analysis Protocol 2.0 Workshop will have the opportunity to participate in new learning activities and that have been designed to showcase valuable resources related to the SAT and suite of assessments. In the coming weeks and months, MASSP will be highlighting some of the tools and methods we cover during the workshop that Principals may want to adopt in their buildings.

Compare & Contrast Data Chart

The first installment in this series is our Compare & Contrast Data chart, which helps participants identify mean test and section (EBRW, Math) scores and benchmark proficiency levels as compared to state averages. Participants then use this information to compare data to like schools for better analysis.

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The Latest and Greatest on Your 3%

The trial court has weighed in, the state has distributed funds, and the Office of Retirement Services is feverishly sending out notifications to MPSERS members and updating their FAQ. So when are you getting your money, how much are you going to get, and is there anything you can or should do at this point in the process?

Let's review what we know…

Where Is the Money?

On January 22, the Court of Claims issued an order to ORS to return employee 3% contributions (with interest) to school districts. The ORS sent the money out the same day. Districts must now process these refunds, including handling tax withholdings and reporting.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

On Tuesday, Governor Snyder delivered his eighth and final State of the State address, setting the stage for the upcoming negotiations on the 2018-19 budget. For Principals, the most striking highlight of Tuesday's speech was an announcement that the Governor's budget recommendation is going to propose the largest foundation allowance increase in over fifteen years. Governor Snyder also talked a lot about skilled trades and CTE and the need to invest in those areas (but with very few details) and urged the Legislature to be cautious when proposing tax cuts (both chambers are currently looking at some version of tax cuts as we head into election season).'s picture

Aspiring to the Principalship Coming Soon!

Why did you go into administration? When you reflect on this question, many of us were fortunate to have the encouragement of a mentor who told us we had "Principal potential." Building administration is a tough gig – we need to help grow the profession by identifying and supporting staff members who have the potential to lead. To this end, MASSP has designed a great one-day, Saturday session to help those interested in Principal positions to prepare for the interview process. This one-day workshop is coming up on February 10.