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How to Become a Compelling Force of Influence

Provided by The Master Teacher. Written by By Suzette Lovely, Ed.D.

Successful principals influence dozens of people a day. These influencers don’t merely persuade teachers to teach better or students to learn more. Nor do they engage in methods that apply to only one problem. Influential principals find high-leverage strategies and apply those strategies across an array of situations to modify human behavior.'s picture

The Current State of College Readiness in Michigan (Class of 2014)

Every year ACT presents grad class data to the State Board of Education. The information provided is perfect for building your own school's data wall and for providing a clear picture for your staff and stakeholders about your school/districts current state of college readiness. The ACT scores reflected in this report include retakes that MI students may take between the Junior year MME/ACT and graduation—so these scores tend to be a bit higher than those taken by our Juniors during MME testing.

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State Board Discusses New State Science Standards

At their Tuesday meeting the State Board of Education (SBE) heard a presentation on proposed new Michigan state science standards that MDE has been working to develop over the past several months.

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Talking Baseball

Last week Major League Baseball (MLB) unveiled its post-season awards. Once again, I found myself drawn to the discussion about who should be named the American League Most Valuable Player (MVP). For the third year in a row, a member of my beloved Detroit Tigers is a finalist. This year it was Victor Martinez, and for the third year in a row the Angel’s Mike Trout was the primary competition for one of my favorite Tigers!

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