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Senate Panel Moves to Backtrack from Common Core

This week, the Senate Education Committee passed Senate Bill 826, which would replace the current Michigan State Standards with the 2008 Massachusetts academic standards and prohibit the MDE from engaging in any activities or expenditures related to those standards. This would include eliminating all current state assessments and replacing them with the old Massachusetts assessments, effectively eliminating the SAT or other college entrance exam from Michigan's assessment system.

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Vouchers, Citizenship Test Highlight House Ed Committee

Thursday's House Education Committee hearing was particularly busy this week as the panel passed both House Joint Resolution B (HJR B), which would amend the Michigan Constitution to allow for special education vouchers, and HB 4136, which would require students to pass the same test given to people seeking US citizenship in order to graduate high school.

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#MASSPchat 4/25 - Building Trust Between Teachers and Administrators

The Topic:
Building a trusting relationship is a two-way street that takes time. Both parties must make a concerted effort to earn mutual trust through conversations, shared vision, and a partnership focused on success for all.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

The Senate Education Committee had a packed house this week as they took up a pair of controversial issues—the most concerning of which for Principals is a bill that would replace Michigan's current ELA and mathematics content standards with the 2008-2009 Massachusetts contents standards.