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Marshall Plan, Career Pathways Bills Headed to Gov

Both Governor Snyder’s Marshall Plan for Talent and a series of bills collectively referred to as the Career Pathways Alliance legislation made it across the finish line before summer break. A few other bills that weren’t officially part of either effort but were tangentially related were also able to ride the wave. The end result: a whole lot of new legislation dealing with topics ranging from school improvement plans to the MMC to teacher certification is headed to Governor Snyder for signature.

Here’s a breakdown of the various pieces of legislation. MASSP will continue to follow up on each of these bills as more detail becomes available about how each of these initiatives will be implemented and enforced by MDE.

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Final Agreement Reached on K-12 Budget (UPDATED 13 June 2018)

UPDATE (13 June 2018): During the process of rolling all the major education-related budget bills (K-12, higher education, and community colleges) into a single omnibus bill (HB 5579), the Legislature made a few last tweaks to boilerplate language in the School Aid Fund budget before passing it and sending it to the Governor's desk for signature. Two in particular are of note: a cap on how quickly a district can grow its shared time programs and a prohibition on collecting foundation allowances for out-of-state students who also pay tuition.

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Legislature Passes MMC World Language Flex

The Michigan Legislature has passed SB 175, allowing for students graduating in 2022-2024 the continued flexibility to substitute arts or CTE courses for one credit of world language.

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Now Available: Your 2018-19 Learning Opportunities

After another year of supporting teaching and learning, you have a clear understanding of your stakeholders’ needs. So, now what? Consider your next steps and systematic implementation.

MASSP is ready to support your next steps in-district and/or at regional sites for the 2018-19 school year. As you assess your individual and collective needs and priorities, consider the following to determine your professional development path:

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

It was a hectic next-to-last week of session before summer break and there are dozens of bills in play as both chambers cut deals to try and get their priorities across the finish line going into the summer primaries and party conventions…so look forward to MASSP's post-session breakdown and in the meantime, strap in for a roller coaster overview.