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August Summer Academy Set for Aug. 24th & 25th at Milan High School

Milan High is again hosting a summer academy open to education professionals - teachers, para pros, administrators and curriculum leaders are all invited to attend.

Sessions include:
Session A: Math For All: Algebra & Geometry For All
Milan High had all Freshmen complete Algebra & Geometry, simultaneously, through the year, with a failure rate below 8% - while mastering the new content expectations! The presentation includes the school plan to offer both classes in one year, as well as the instructional plans in these inclusive-based classrooms. (Open to all educators)

Session B: Freshmen Transitions!

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SB 698

August 5, 2009-SB 698 passes out of Senate Education Committees with full support.

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Senate Committee

August 5, 2009 - The Senate Education Committee meets this afternoon. Senate Bill 698, our CTE/Algebra II work is up. Here's what I plan to say.

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We Made AYP

I was is Albion several days this past week. Drove by Albion MS a lot. Their school sign read, "We Made AYP." They, and we, have every reason to be proud of this accomplishment.

But how many know what "AYP" is?

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Time for a pause

Time for a pause

I remember an article I wrote at the end of my year as president of our association. It was about those few minutes between the end of one school year and the start of the next. It’s that time when you say good-bye to the students and teachers leaving for their summer break, and that awaiting meeting to discuss next year issues. There is that minute or two, without pressure to “get it done” that you get to reflect on the past year.

Well, this is my pause.