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You know those things your read about in the news? Then you actually get to see it? Well that happened to me the other day while visiting the Newseum in Washington, DC.

A recent principal decision was a court case before the U.S. Supreme Court - Bong 4 Jesus. We've all read about it, wrote articles about the decision, and in our minds use the decision for our decision making.

Well, I saw the sign the kids posted in the "Freedom of Speech" exhibit. It was cool just to see the actual sign.

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Bill Gates: Tap Stimulus to Achieve Education Reform

PHILADELPHIA - The ultimate quality of the country's educational system is in the hands of states and leaders there should use the federal stimulus package to expand the schools and teaching methods that are doing well and track student achievement, Microsoft founder Bill Gates told the summit of the National Conference of State Legislatures on Tuesday.

Mr. Gates began his remarks to the opening of the general session by saying while the United States faces "unordinary" times with more government services needed at a time of declining revenues, "difficult times part to great reforms," and the country can "come out stronger than when we entered" if state officials tap into the power of change.

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DPS to Make One in Five on Its Staff Reapply for Their Jobs

Response due Friday; 40 schools changing


Detroit Public Schools is requiring 2,600 employees -- about one out of every five districtwide -- to reapply for positions just six weeks before the school year is set to begin.

DPS declared the positions at 40 school buildings vacant on Tuesday and said staff had until the end of the week to respond.

The schools -- many of which also are to get new principals -- are being reconstituted because of failure to meet state annual yearly progress standards for several years.

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Bishop Offers to Help Dillon With Health Insurance Proposal

Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop (R-Rochester) has apparently offered to help House Speaker Andy Dillon (D-Redford Twp.) with his proposal to have all state and local employees operate with a single health insurance system by starting the proposal in the Senate if needed.

It appears Mr. Dillon has not responded to the offer at this point, a spokesperson for Mr. Bishop said.

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Let Retiring 'Boomers' Transform Schools

Story from eSchool News-- By Laura Devaney, Senior Editor

Millions of accomplished Baby Boomers could drag education into the 21st century – if our schools could just manage to accommodate them

An innovative and potentially ground-breaking approach to 21st
century education is placing baby boomer retirees from STEM fields into
"learning teams" with educators in an attempt to give students
knowledge from real-life science and math experts.

Spearheaded by the National Commission on Teaching and America's
Future (NCTAF), these learning teams pair experienced STEM retirees
with classroom teachers to inject compelling real-life lessons into
classroom instruction, while at the same time giving teachers valuable