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Is the Principal in the Loop?

One of the things that seen last year is that some high school principals seemed to have not been put into the loop on graduation rate data clean-up.

One story story being told is about a high school principal in northern Michigan. They called MDE in July when they realized that their school would not make AYP because the graduation rate was 78%. They had never seen the names of the students that were on the "Missing Expected Record" list. These are kids whose last known enrollment was at their school. MDE sent the list to the high school principal, and they called MDE back stating that they and their staff at the school knew what had happened to several students. The point is that even the pupil accounting and school folks may fail to talk to each other.

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The Demise of the Michigan Promise Scholarship - Please Say No

A headline in today's (12/16/08) Detroit News caught a lot of principal's attention. On the budget cutting block is the Michigan Promise (MI Merit Award) Scholarship. Extremely disappointing, but not surprising. I remember setting in the hearing where the "Promise" was being developed. Someone asked how long can we afford to do this and the answer was 2015-2017. But, hopefully the economy will be strong again and we'll be okay.

Well, we're not okay. And, the future doesn't look good.

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Hey, the door to get on the bus in on the wrong side!

Over 240 Michigan schools have joined the International Networking for Educational Transformation(iNet) iNet, is an international network of schools, organizations, and, individuals who are committed to transforming learning through innovation. MSU is the link for Michigan schools to connect with iNet.

I was invited as a guest of iNet to join their international conference in Birmingham, England. Once getting permission from my wife, Nancy, to be gone during Thanksgiving, and the Executive Committee of MASSP to pay for my air fare, I said yes to this lifetime opportunity.

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From the Middle: Algebra in the 8th Grade: The Debate Rages

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