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Resources for Personal Curriculum Webinar 4-15-08

Here is the powerpoint and other resources for the 4-15-08 webinar on the Personal Curriculum and counselors

1. Powerpoint
2. EDP Sample
3. General Directions for attending a PictureTalk Webinar
4. PictureTalk Navigation slides

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Michigan NCRC Advocates WorkKeys

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Michigan NCRC Advocates Mission

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Bill Trujillo, 2008 Candidate for High School Commission Secretary


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Mike Foster, 2008 Candidate for High School Commission Secretary


I am asking for your vote to represent you on the MASSP High School Commission. As one of the "old goats" (1976 to present) who has a broad variety of administrative experience in both inner-city urban, small-town rural, and now a suburban high school I have acquired an appreciation for the strengths and issues accompanying each kind of district.