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School Administrators Cut Own Pay

June 26, 2009

Southfield Public Schools administrators are voluntarily taking salary reductions in light of the district's budget deficits, Superintendent Wanda Cook-Robinson announced Thursday.

More than 60 members of the district's administrative team will take 2% pay cuts, including Cook-Robinson, central office staff members, principals and assistant principals, she said at a news conference.

The concessions by administrators -- which come as the district faces a more than $5-million operational deficit going into the 2009-10 fiscal year -- amount to about $225,000 in savings.

The cuts will allow the district to save two administrative jobs.

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School Official Predicts Kalkaska II

If any single event triggered the creation of the school-funding ballot measure Proposal A in the mid-1990s, it was the boarding up of the tiny Kalkaska school system in Northern Michigan.

In 1993, unable to pass a local operating mileage, the district continued to operate until it ran out of money and then it produced nationwide headlines by closing.

Is there a Kalkaska II sitting out there today?

If you ask the lobbyist for the Middle Cities School Association (MCSA) the answer is a resounding yes. With the Senate Republicans passing a Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 budget that cuts districts by $100 per pupil, school officials are becoming increasingly concerned about their futures.

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Voters Don't Want Cops & Schools Cut

Poll reveals Michiganians disagree with lawmakers on priorities in next year's budget.
Karen Bouffard / Detroit News Lansing Bureau

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A Big Thanks to Donna, Angel, Misty, Diane, Jim and the rest of the MASSP crew for putting together a great Summer Conference. For all of Region One members who were able to attend, A Big Thanks also for taking time to go. Region One members, keep October 4, 5, 6 open for the Annual Fall Convention and December 2 and 3 open for our Fall meeting. Thanks again everyone, Have a safe and restful summer.

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Independence Day...for Secondary School Principals?!

At MASSP, we've been talking a lot about what secondary school principals need in order to both be and feel prepared for the next two years. The winds of change, they are a blowin' and principals are at the crux of it all. This holiday weekend, I was wondering how can MASSP liberate you from at least some of that stress? 

As a secondary school principal, what is it that you really need to know and how would you like to learn about it? We want to focus time and energies on what is going to serve you best. Post a response! We're listening!