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The Un-Forgotten Middle--Secondary Educators Respond

Summer Retreat ParticipantsA Collaborative Story
by Summer Retreat Participants*

Thirty-two educators, representing both the middle level and high school, met during the Summer Retreat to review the report The Forgotten Middle and offer their response to the ACT research study. During the lively discussion, the participants reviewed the Executive Summary and offered their own thoughts about the report findings.

Major Finding of the Unforgotten Middle Study

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Senior Behavior Contracts

Does anyone have any Senior Behavior contracts that are implemented at the beginng of the school year emphasizing infractions that may lead to the loss of senior priveldges IE: senior picnic, prom or even commenncement participation?

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Another Graduation, You Know What that Means?

By Dave Barry
MASSP President

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Three Minute Classroom Walk Through Training

Carolyn Downey's book The Three Minute Classroom Walk-Through: changing School Supervisory Practice One Teacher at a Time provided a strong foundation to getting into classrooms more frequently, separate from the traditional classroom observation.

Our group recommends that you start with the end of the book, last two chapters, then return to the beginning. Philosophically, the original order of the book is all right, but practically speaking the end cleared some things up enabling us to practice what was being suggested with greater ease.

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MASC/MAHS Adviser of the Year

Ms. Ashlee Shoen, a teacher and Student Council Adviser at Sterling Heights Senior High School was presented with a $1,000 check and a certificate of appreciation by sponsor, MEEMIC Insurance Company at a recent Warren Consolidated School Board Meeting in recognition of having received the MASSP Michigan Adviser of the Year Award.

The Michigan Adviser of the Year is an award created by the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP) in partnership with the Michigan Associations of Student Councils and Honor Societies (MASC/MAHS) to honor those educators who are outstanding in their advisory role with students.