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The Power of Co-Curricular Activities

The following information was presented by Dr. Bryan Shelley, Department of Political Science, Wake Forest University at the National Conference on Student Activities, December 2008.


What to tell principals, school boards, parents, and other skeptics about



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I Don’t Do Fear

Dave BI don’t do fear. Let me explain.  Does anybody but me notice that the newspapers and evening news that dominate the current events of our time portray a doomsday outlook on our economy and our country? The common theme in the message is one of fear about the future of our country, our manufacturing base, our auto companies, and our social systems. If you would believe the stories, our systems are in complete turmoil. According to these reports, the government is in a huge deficit, the infrastructures of our country such as roads, bridges, and electrical grids are about to collapse.

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MASSP comments on MDE new accreditation system

Sent on February 12, 2009

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EXPLORE for all

I’ve just returned from a joint meeting with the two leading Senators of the Senate Appropriation Committee. There I asked on behalf of the association legislation to fund the EXPLORE test for every school in the state.

They were extremely receptive to our request. In fact, they wanted to go much further than what we requested. In light of the pending funding reductions, they asked that I ask our members for suggestions to reduce our state assessment costs so as not take money from school operations. I agreed to seek member input. You’ll be seeing a request via our MASSP Communication system.

Here’s our formal request in regard to EXPLORE.