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Promise Scholarship - Will the Class of 2009 lose out?

On Monday I was with some association directors and the conversation was centered on lack of state dollars. A higher education person shared the Promise Scholarship for the Class of 2009 could be shifting to a needs based program thereby reducing the amount of available scholarship dollars and, the program would likely come to an end after this year.

So, today (Thurs., June 11th) I scheduled a meeting with the Chair of the House Higher Education appropriations committee so to get the facts on the demise of the Promise Award and share this news with our members in an article that is due.

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Middle Grades Matter!

By Diane McMillan
Associate Director

From the Middle

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NHS Appeal Process

Walled Lake Central High School
National Honor Society Appeal Process

1. A student seeking an appeal of the decision to deny admission into the National Honor Society (NHS) shall submit to the principal within five (5) days after receipt of notice of the admission denial a written request stating the reason(s) for reconsideration for admission.
a. Within ten (10) days of receipt of a request for admission reconsideration review by the Review Panel, the principal shall notify the NHS advisor, the student and the Review Panel of the time, date and place of the Review Panel meeting. This meeting shall occur not less than seven (7) or more than fifteen (15) days after receipt of the request for review.

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Reaching Agreement: Now or Later?


By Peter Silveri
Labor Relations Consultant
Michigan Association of School Boards

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National Standards - The Inside Scoop

Want to know what is happening in the federal discussion about national curriculum standards. Here's the best insight you'll find. It's an email to me from Matt Gandal, VP, of Achieve.

Dear ADP State Leader:

As we have previously communicated to ADP Network states, Achieve is working with the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and National Governors Association (NGA) on an important effort to create common core standards that can be adopted by states across the country. Over the last several weeks, this initiative has taken on a much more public profile, and leaders in ADP states have reached out to Achieve with a variety of questions about the process and our role in it. This update is designed to answer those questions.

Common Standards Development Process