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PA 517 - Social Studies assessment now in the sun

From: MME []
Sent: Thu 1/15/2009 9:37 AM
Subject: New Social Studies Requirement for Michigan Promise Scholarship
Pursuant to Public Act 517 of 2008... In addition to all other eligibility requirements, a student who takes the Michigan Merit Exam (MME) in 2009 or after must now also achieve an MME score of Level 1 or 2 in Social Studies to become eligible for installment payments of the Michigan Promise scholarship.

If you have questions about this new requirement, please contact the Michigan Department of Treasury which is solely responsible for administering the Michigan Promise scholarship (call 888-447-2687 toll-free).

Bob Nelson
Michigan Department of Education
Office of Educational Assessment and Accountability

Public Act 517 of 2008

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Avondale Among First to Offer Off-Campus, Online Study

By Jennifer S. McDonald
C & G Staff Writer
ROCHESTER HILLS — District officials within the Avondale School District are hoping to make it easier than ever for their students to obtain a high school education with online courses.
Avondale Superintendent George Heitsch said the district applied for a seat-time waiver from the Michigan Department of Education that allows students to take most — if not all — of their classes online.
The program, which runs through Avondale Academy for students in grades nine through 12, was officially started this fall after an afternoon online program was piloted last spring.

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Background and Criminal Records Checks on New Hires (May 00)

Summer Hiring Alert
If You Don’t Do Background and Criminal Records
Checks on New Hires You Can Be Held Personally
Liable if Your Employee Injures a Student

Make every employment offer conditional upon your receipt of references. Here’s your checklist of references required by law in Michigan:

For teachers, school administrators, school bus drivers and positions requiring board approval:

Criminal record check by Michigan State Police.
Criminal record check by the FBI.
For everyone above, plus all other applicants:

Have every applicant give you written authorization to ask current and former employers to disclose unprofessional conduct.

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Access to Student Records by Military Recruiters

Written by Lisa Swem, January, 2000

Reflecting on the military’s "worst recruiting crisis in decades," Marine Staff Sgt. Sean McElroy commented that "the biggest drawback is the public school systems not giving us access or school lists." Military Recruiters Criticize Schools for Denying Access. The Detroit News (Feb. 27, 2000). According to this article, over 600 schools nationwide have banned military recruiters from school premises, and even more will not supply student contact information to recruiters.

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Providing On-line Teacher Meeting Content

I’m on a train passing through southwest Michigan. Returning home from meeting with six other state directors of state principal associations in Chicago. We spend a lot of time discussing developing on-line content for our members to use two ways. First, for professional development that is targeted to building administrators. And, second, develop on-line content a principal can use during a faculty meeting.The Minnesota association, at the suggestion of the board of directors developed a few on-line professional development programs. However, after putting them on-line, few members used them. The Illinois Association bought some programs from vendors to put on their website. They’re there but not used much.