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Students Can Do Amazing Things

By Kadi Pojeta

We hear a lot of talk about school climate and school improvement these days. Most of these talks happen among the adults involved in the schools - principals, teachers, school board members. Let us not forget some of the most powerful and eager people within the walls of your school building - students! Depending on your perspective, kids can do amazing things or they're  a troubled generation. Regardless of your view, here's what I've learned working closely with student leaders all around Michigan:


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Milan High School Summer Academy 2009 -- June 15th and 16th

Milan High is again hosting a summer academy open to education professionals - teachers, para pros, administrators and curriculum leaders are all invited to attend. This year, Milan High has taught all freshmen both Algebra and Geometry as its minimum math offering, with only a 5% failure rate. Our math teacher and special education consultant will team to present their work.

Likewise, our English 9 & 10 teachers will share their standards-based program -- where students can design their own learning to demonstrate mastery of the content expectations. Again, the emphasis is on limiting failure in meeting the MMC.

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Superintendent Flanagan Gives Ok to Use "Power Standards"

Michigan educators, along with educators from several other states, have been challenged in recent months to implement some of the highest high school graduation requirements in the nation. These standards are tied to credits aligned with a nationally vetted set of content expectations. Although this is a fitting challenge for our times, this transition from course titles and seat time to credit tied to content expectations has introduced a new way of thinking about how to develop, align, and deliver the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

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This Week is Teacher Appreciation Week

How would you like a chance to tell the world about the teacher who made the difference in your life… and maybe even send that teacher a letter of thanks?

Sign up for a Chalk Walk in your area at www.pdkchalkwalk.org or tell us about your favorite teacher on the Chalkboard at www.active.com/donate/Chalkboard. Give us your teacher’s address, and we’ll send a thank you note for you.

Telling about your favorite teacher will feel good … and just imagine how your teacher will feel upon receiving your letter.

Have you thanked your favorite teacher today?

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Project Re-Imagine Announced

MDE has announced Project Re-Image and is seeking up to 20 demonstration sites in Michigan.

Download the proposal guidlines and fact sheet by visiting the Re-Imagine webpapge.