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This Week is Teacher Appreciation Week

How would you like a chance to tell the world about the teacher who made the difference in your life… and maybe even send that teacher a letter of thanks?

Sign up for a Chalk Walk in your area at or tell us about your favorite teacher on the Chalkboard at Give us your teacher’s address, and we’ll send a thank you note for you.

Telling about your favorite teacher will feel good … and just imagine how your teacher will feel upon receiving your letter.

Have you thanked your favorite teacher today?

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Project Re-Imagine Announced

MDE has announced Project Re-Image and is seeking up to 20 demonstration sites in Michigan.

Download the proposal guidlines and fact sheet by visiting the Re-Imagine webpapge.

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U.S. Education Secretary Lauds Michigan's High Bar for Graduation

U.S. education secretary lauds Michigan's high bar for graduation

Karen Bouffard / The Detroit News

Washington -- Michigan's rigorous new high school requirements are on the right track, despite criticism from some in the state who say they could result in more students dropping out, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan told a gathering of the nation's top education reporters Thursday night.

Duncan told The Detroit News that education in Detroit will be corrected only by raising expectations the district places on students and teachers.

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Who Really Wins in “Win-Win” Bargaining?

By Peter Silveri
Labor Relations Consultant
Michigan Association of School Boards

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When I was offered to see the world’s top math schools in action – I jumped at the chance. I did, however, have to travel a little ways to do so. In the United States, only 6% of 8th-grade students reached the advanced benchmark for international mathematics standards compared to 45% for Taiwan. Taiwanese high school students earn the top spot globally, and their government offered to fly a few of us from Michigan over to share ideas. The venture was called the 2009 American Educators Project and was fully funded by the Taiwanese.