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From the Middle: Algebra in the 8th Grade: The Debate Rages

DianeFrom The Middle
Diane McMillan
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Meet You at The Summits!


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Gates Foundation Shifts Focus

cap on booksThe Gates Foundation has announced a major shift in its educational strategy plans. Once known for its extensive support of small schools, the Gates Foundation has not be satisfied with the scalability of these schools.

While many of the small schools started with Gates Foundation support remain “pockets of excellence”, there have not been enough promising small schools to make the kind of large-scale impact on educational reform that the Foundation had hoped.

The Foundation will place new emphasis on:

College Readiness for High School Students

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Achieve Launches Math Documents in Support of Challenging Math


Documents Explain the importance of a Challenging  High School Mathematics Curriculum

As states implement the American Diploma Project (ADP) policy agenda, parents, educators and others often have concerns about whether these policies are the right ones and whether it's fair to expect all students to meet the same rigorous graduation requirements.

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From the President: The Reason for the Season

Dave BDavid Barry
MASSP President