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National Standards - The Inside Scoop

Want to know what is happening in the federal discussion about national curriculum standards. Here's the best insight you'll find. It's an email to me from Matt Gandal, VP, of Achieve.

Dear ADP State Leader:

As we have previously communicated to ADP Network states, Achieve is working with the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and National Governors Association (NGA) on an important effort to create common core standards that can be adopted by states across the country. Over the last several weeks, this initiative has taken on a much more public profile, and leaders in ADP states have reached out to Achieve with a variety of questions about the process and our role in it. This update is designed to answer those questions.

Common Standards Development Process

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We Claim Bragging Rights

Diane_McMillan_3_0.jpgBy Diane McMillan
Associate Director

I have to admit it--I get pretty defensive when I read and hear about principals being replaced because of the sanctions of NCLB. We at MASSP know that these reports paint a very inaccurate picture of the quality of the principalship in Michigan. We know that some of the finest principals in the nation, who are often working under the extreme economic difficulties that plague Michigan, reside in Michigan. These great principals provide steady, innovative, and effective leadership every day!

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MI-LIFE Program

The MI-LIFE Program has been providing a valuable professional learning opportunity for over 500 school administrators in Michigan. Because of the success of the program based on evaluations and feedback from those who have participated, plans are being made to continue to offer an updated version of the program in the fall of 2009.

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Band for P.E. Credit... Not So Much (SB 0365)

If this Bill passes the fifth bullet may impact you!  You may want your district spokesperson to contact your Senator!


Senate Bill 365 would amend the Revised School Code to do the following: 

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Here’s What We Did For You Today

The State Superintendent’s memo regarding the use of power standards you received in the past few days is the result of a lot of work by MASSP. The memo vindicates what we’ve been saying to you ever since the passage of the MMC -- there is a lot more flexibility in the standards than believed.

MASSP put considerable effort into getting this memo written to your advantage, the building principal. I hope you will now put it to your use.