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Resolution by Board of Education for Voter Registration and Precinct Inspectors

>Have students that are 18? Help them register to vote! And what about students that are 16 and older? They can be a part of this year's election, too! The Resolution below (and attached) was released on September 9, 2008. School districts throughout Michigan are encouraged to make sure all students 16 and above are aware of how they can be a part of the Presidential Election coming this November.

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Student ID Policies????

Our high school is in the first year of a new Student I.D. Policy. The new policy mandates that all students wear their School I.D. around the neck on a school provided lanyard. The students are doing a fantastic job of following this policy, though there are always a few! Are there any schools out there that have created a similar policy with successful consequences (for students not following the policy) attached? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Carl Shultz

Asst. Principal

Belleville High School

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You Asked for It...

"Boy I wish we could afford it. I've had faculty tell me about it. I'd like to get it for our school, but..."

With that challenge, MASSP contacted the makers of Turnitin and negotiated a special contract. A contract that would allow us to sell this new digital suite to our members for 40% off.

So now you can afford it!

MASSP needs 100 schools by December 31 to meet its goal for the Turnitiin...

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School Improperly Bans Pro-Gay Speech

Article from Thrun Law Firm 

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Federal Court Defers to Parents When It Comes to Pledge of Allegiance

Article from Thrun Law Firm