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MASSP to Focus on Three Legislative Topics

By Jim Ballard
MASSP Executive Director
This legislative process really has seasons. There are times when legislation is developed and sent to the floor for consideration, and times to “get’r done.” June and late December are the times when the pressure is on to “make it a law.” So, this is the time of year we try to get our ideas in play so they are ready for the “passage” season.

Three topics have our attention. It’s my goal to accomplish these things this legislative season.

MME Assessment

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Graduation/Dropout Review and Comment Application Release

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the Graduation/Dropout Review and Comment Application (GAD) is scheduled to be released in early April 2008 to give districts and schools/facilities the opportunity to review their 2007 cohort of students and make requests for minimal changes. Districts will have four weeks after the application opens to do the following:

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What Some See As The Goal of MI’s 21st Century Schools

There seems to be little support for Governor Granholm’s education initiative, MI’s 21st Century Schools. Click here for a summary of this initiative as first proposed. The way it’s developed, for many, there is not a lot to like.

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The Leadership Limbo

This article from the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation explores the relationships, and often the conflicts, between school reform and teacher union contracts. Cover photo of Leadership Limbo

By Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Michael J. Petrilli