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How would you prefer to interact with our website when you have questions/issues to share with other members?

* I prefer questions and answers that get asked to groups, like it is now.
* I prefer to have discussion forums and "threads", where I can move from topic to topic.
* I like the old email-only system, the "listserv".
* I don't use this website for those purposes / Does not apply

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MASSP Looking for volunteer to work on Gary Peters Race

State Senator Gary Peters, while serving on the Senate Education Committee was a good friend of our association and educators in general. He listened to all sides, was thoughtful, and while following his caucus always was able to put in needed "course corrections" in legislation.

After leaving the Senate he ran for AG but was not successful. He went on to run the MI Lottery for a number of years. Now he running to represent the 9th Congressional District in Michigan. He is running against Joe Knollenberg.

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I hear colleges are dropping ACT?

As I stand before various education groups the questions that come at me are often telling of what's being discussed over the coffee table. Lately, it's been, "I've read that colleges are dropping using the ACT or SAT for admission?" What is implied is, our efforts to have the ACT as the foundation for our high school tests were a mistake. I still believe MASSP did the right thing and here's why.

- We know that most colleges/universities still require official ACT/SAT scores from those who are enrolling.

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Michigan Graduation Rates Slightly Behind Nation

Michigan's overall graduation is virtually the same as the national rate, but it shows some significant gaps among some ethnic groups, according to a report released this week by the Editorial Projects in Education Research Center.

The report, part of the center's Diplomas Count 2008 project, showed overall 70.5 percent of Michigan high school students graduated within four years in 2005, the most recent national data available, compared to the national rate of 70.6 percent. That put Michigan 32nd among the states.

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Parents Can Seek Change in Required Math Study