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Green Schools Event -- Greening of Milan Expo set for April 20-21

The Greening of Milan Expo will be April 20-21st from 9 am to 9 pm on Monday April 20th and 8 am to 4 pm on Tuesday April 21st. Speakers include Kristine Moffitt of Michigan Green Schools organization. Milan High Conservation Generation student leaders will also present on their efforts to help Milan High go green and save green. Other neat features include WMU's solar car, a Ford Fusion Hybrid, and more!

This is a great way to kick start your student-led effort in helping to conserve and save -- so bring a group of students.

Or for school professionals (teacher leaders, administrators, maintenance & grounds), presentations also included LEED-certification for buildings, school energy audits services, and other great ways to save the school budget while becoming green-friendly!

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Special Offer for School Violence Conference

After much anticipation, the online registration for the 2009 Great
Lakes Homeland Security Training Conference & Expo is now available at
www.michigan.gov/HSC-schools. As you may know MSP/EMHSD, has
developed a day specifically for school personnel and first responders.
This is a tremendous opportunity and I would strongly encourage schools
in your community to participate.

The conference will be held on Wednesday, May 6 at the DeVos Place in
Grand Rapids. During the conference, there will be top-rated speakers,
hands-on workshop sessions, networking opportunities and an expanded
exhibit hall.


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Punishment – MDE Style

MASSP is in the doghouse with the Department of Education. Two reasons: Trying to shift the money spent on the 9th grade social studies exam to EXPLORE, and our public statement about the proposed MI-SAS accreditation program.

When polled, 97% of our membership doesn’t see value in the 9th grade social studies exam. Our governor in her state-of-the-state speech called on us to find ways to reduce wasted state costs without hurting its citizens. So we proposed legislation to shift this money to something 60% of schools do value. We feel it is a matter of equality.

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We’re all frustrated!

I’ve written before of how I enjoy driving to visit with members within their own local area. I do about twenty of these trips a year. It's great travel time through Michigan and a chance to visit with some really nice people and make new friends. I’ve been making these trips for a number of years. Today was the first time I dreaded one of these drives.

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Together We Won't

The governor plans to improve education by merging school districts. But other states have tried it - and it doesn't work.

IN THE ONGOING effort to fix America's ailing schools, one of the most popular ideas is to shrink the number of school districts.

The country once had more than 130,000 independent districts managed by local communities. Merging them into larger units, advocates said, would lead to a more efficient system, reducing costs while offering students more opportunities and producing better academic results. This approach, part of a larger movement to standardize schools, reduced the number of districts by 90 percent between 1930 and 1970.