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What's Your Cell Phone Policy?

* No cell phones allowed on school grounds during school day.
* Cell phones allowed before school and after school only
* Cell phones allowed--not allowed in the classroom, locker rooms, bathrooms, etc.
* No Policy
* Other--please specify in comment section

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New Report Shows States Taking Lead on Developing Rigorous, Common Core Standards


CONTACT: Sandy Boyd (202) 419-1542, sboyd@achieve.org

New Report Shows States Taking Lead on Developing Rigorous, Common Core Standards

Emerging Common Core in State English and Mathematics Standards Reflects Universal Demands of College and Workplace

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More Ammunition in the MI Math War

Our friends at Achieve have recently published some very helpful documents regarding linking the call for higher math skills and the modern workplace.

Here are some sites to go: achieve.org/buildingblocksofsuccess

And - achieve.org/mathatwork

Building Blocks give the rationale for the higher math expectations.

Math at Work are six different publications that show how math is critical in different work groups.

As the building administrator you're going to be a point person. You will find these materials very helpful.

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Federal Appeals Court Affirms Student Suspension from Class Office for Negative Blog Post

Avery Doninger was disqualified by officials at Lewis
Mills High School ("LMHS"), in Burlington, Connecticut,
from running for senior class secretary after posting on her
weblog a "vulgar and misleading message about the supposed
cancellation" of a school event called "Jamfest".
Doninger and her mother sued to force LMHS to allow her
to run for secretary, which was denied by a U.S. district
court (See School Law Notes, November 21, 2007). They
appealed the decision, but the Second Circuit Court of

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Indiana High Court Reverses Myspace.com Discipline

The Indiana Supreme Court has reversed a trial court's
decision that a middle school student was a "delinquent
child" for posting statements about her former principal on
the internet website myspace.com, A.B. v Indiana, Doc No.
67501-0709-JV-373 (Ind, May 13, 2008). The middle
school student, A.B., posted critical statements regarding her
former principal, Shawn Gobert, after transferring to another
school. The trial court ruled that A.B. was a delinquent
child because her statements, if made by an adult, would