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Mark Palmer, 2008 Candidate for President-Elect

Why am I seeking the President-Elect office of MASSP?

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Josh Wenning, 2008 Candidate for President-Elect

After serving for four years on the Board of Directors, I have had the great privilege and opportunity to work very closely with tremendous leaders, visionaries, and role models for our profession. For the benefit of our students I hope to continue to learn from both current and past principals to improve the standings and conditions for all secondary principals.


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My Friend John Says "Watch-out"

...In addition, the lists of students may change daily as schools link (or attempt to link) the UIC's. Administrators would be wise to secure the documentation to support the exit code changes and then monitor CEPI's site for any changes. The UIC linking option ends April 21st, so building administrators have to get this done ASAP...

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School Safety Checklist, Is Your School Safe?

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Is Your School Safe?

Download the PDF below, then fill out the checklist to see your school's safety strengths and weaknessess.

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Search and Seizure by School Resource Officers

Do school district public safety officers or Student Resource Officers (SROs) have the right to search students under the “reasonable suspicion” standard that high school personnel use in conducting a search?