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Streamline the Writing Process With Turnitin WriteCycle Package

turnitin logoMASSP forms an alliance with Turnitin offering a low-cost option to purchase Turnitin's WriteCycle package

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For We Dare Not Stand Idly By - NASSP Convention

The National Association of Secondary School Principals presents the

NASSP Annual Convention & Exposition
February 27 - March 1, 2009
San Diego, CA


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Information from the Source, not fifth hand...

Last week (September 11 -12) I was part of the Michigan Team that attended the American Diploma Project Network – Annual State Leadership Team Meeting. Thirty-Six states have now signed on with the ADP project. Each of the states agreed to develop academic standards that enable K-12 graduating seniors to be college ready and workforce ready. Everyone in the room agreed that to have a job that enables the person to earn an income that can sustain a family requires training past high school.

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Resolution by Board of Education for Voter Registration and Precinct Inspectors

>Have students that are 18? Help them register to vote! And what about students that are 16 and older? They can be a part of this year's election, too! The Resolution below (and attached) was released on September 9, 2008. School districts throughout Michigan are encouraged to make sure all students 16 and above are aware of how they can be a part of the Presidential Election coming this November.

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Student ID Policies????

Our high school is in the first year of a new Student I.D. Policy. The new policy mandates that all students wear their School I.D. around the neck on a school provided lanyard. The students are doing a fantastic job of following this policy, though there are always a few! Are there any schools out there that have created a similar policy with successful consequences (for students not following the policy) attached? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Carl Shultz

Asst. Principal

Belleville High School