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Resources for Personal Curriculum Webinar 4-29-08

The powerpoint and supplemental materials for the 4-29-08 webinar are attached below:

PC Powerpoint
Agribusiness system career pathway sample
Early College Credit
School District Early College Credit
General Directions for Attending a PictureTalk Meeting
PictureTalk Navagation Slides

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When is it time to move on?

I've been in the principalship eight years now. I sent my first four years working in a very small district. In my last year there the board of education was clearly running the superintendent out. I made a choice to continue to work for the superintendent and not individual board members. That choice certainly did not endear me to the board. So, when the superintendent left I chose to leave also.

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The Week of April 21, 2008 - It's About Principal Advocacy

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April 25, 2008