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Reserve Your Room NOW for Annual Convention to Get Our Discounted Rate

GTRMASSP convention attendees are entitled to special rates at Grand Traverse Resort & Spa.

To receive the rates listed below, contact the hotel at 800-968-7352 by August 25, 2008!

Hotel Guestrooms are just $149.00.*

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What amount has your district allocated for your personal professional development for this school year?

* $0 - $500
* $501 - $1000
* $1001 - $1500
* $1501 - $2000
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Milan High Academy -- Monday, August 25th -- High School Transformation

On Monday, August 25th, Milan High is hosting an
academy to present some of the high school transformation work that has
been completed here.  The sessions include:  Freshmen
transition plan;  Algebra I (less than 5% failure for all
Freshmen): English 9 (less than 5% failure);  Senior Rigor
(Portfolio, and other topics.

<> Click on the following link to download the academy brochure...

Milan High Academy 

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What's Your Cell Phone Policy?

* No cell phones allowed on school grounds during school day.
* Cell phones allowed before school and after school only
* Cell phones allowed--not allowed in the classroom, locker rooms, bathrooms, etc.
* No Policy
* Other--please specify in comment section