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Federal Character Education Grant Available

Federal Character Education Grant
Released February 14 - Due April 1

Dr. Joe Hoedel and Dr. Phil Vincent, authors of 3 previously funded federal grants, will soon write a grant for Michigan high schools. The focus of this grant will be on the freshmen transition. Specifically, they want to include 4 high-performance, 4 average-performance and 4 low-performance high schools in the state of Michigan that meet the following criteria:


Principals in our state can take an active role in the political process by supporting the MASSP Political Action Committee or PAC. The MASSP PAC serves two critical functions for the Association. First, it supports MASSP's governmental relations efforts at the state level. It also raises and spends money to support candidates and issues that are important to the principalship and 6-12 education.


What kind of support does the PAC provide for principals?

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Resources from Kent County Principals Meeting

Here is the powerpoint, as well as some other resources used to prepare the presentation at the Kent County Principals Meeting on February 27, 2008.

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February 2008 State Superintendent Podcast : The Plans We Have...

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Mike Flanagan highlights the educational initiatives outlined in Governor Jennifer M. Granholm's State of the State address, and their importance to delivering a quality education for every child in Michigan and making our state one of the best places to live, to learn, and to earn.

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Powerpoint and Resources for Science Curriculum Update

Here is the resource link and the powerpoint for today's webinar (2-19-08) on Science.

Science Curriculum page:

Powerpoint: Attached

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