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Advocating for the Principal – It’s been a good week

February 15, 2008 – I spent some time in the Governor’s Office visiting with Chuck Wilbur, Education Policy Advisor for Governor Granholm. Joining me was Don Wotruba, MASB Government Affairs Director. Our topic was the Governor’s proposed 21st Century Schools proposal, i.e., Small High Schools. We advised Chuck that many were seeing this as a “bricks and mortar” proposal. And, a surprising number of perceived to be high performance high schools met the criteria to be eligible for grants under the original wording. He was surprised and said this was not the intent.

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Michigan Summit on Model High Schools

Michigan Summit on Model High Schools
April 16-18, 2008 | Radisson, Kalamazoo

This conference is designed to improve opportunities to stimulate thinking about high school design in order to promote:

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Last Chance

Nominations for Secretary of the Year are due February 15th!

March 1st is the special workshop on employment contracts - sign up!

CTE Showcase entries are due...

Come'on West Michigan, sign up for "Are They Telling the Truth!"

Try not to forget valentines day.

Get these done, you're cool.

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Principal May Restrict Student's Sale of Candy Canes With Religious Message

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that
a student's First Amendment speech rights were not violated
when a Michigan elementary school principal denied the
student's request to sell candy canes containing a religious
message. Curry v School Dist of the City of Saginaw, 2008
US App LEXIS 881 (January 16, 2008), affirming 452 F
Supp 2d 723 (ED Mich, 2006).
The issue, as articulated by the Sixth Circuit, was
"whether an elementary school student has a First Amendment
right to promote an unsolicited religious message