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New Grant Program Focused on High School Success for At-Risk Students

AT&T High School Success
Special Grants Program

In April 2008, the AT&T Foundation launched a new grant program
focused on high school success for at-risk students. The program will
direct funds to eligible nonprofit organizations and schools across the
country and offers two types of grants:

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The Life of an Athlete Program

April 2008

Dear Michigan Educator:
The Michigan Departments of Education and Community Health along with other stakeholders are collaboratively reviewing an evidenced based environmental change initiative, The Life of an Athlete Program, which will allow us as a state to more effectively confront underage drinking and substance use.   
You have been identified as a critical stakeholder, and are invited to participate in the introductory meeting and presentation.   

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Resources for Personal Curriculum Webinar 4-29-08

The powerpoint and supplemental materials for the 4-29-08 webinar are attached below:

PC Powerpoint
Agribusiness system career pathway sample
Early College Credit
School District Early College Credit
General Directions for Attending a PictureTalk Meeting
PictureTalk Navagation Slides

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When is it time to move on?

I've been in the principalship eight years now. I sent my first four years working in a very small district. In my last year there the board of education was clearly running the superintendent out. I made a choice to continue to work for the superintendent and not individual board members. That choice certainly did not endear me to the board. So, when the superintendent left I chose to leave also.

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The Week of April 21, 2008 - It's About Principal Advocacy

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April 25, 2008