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Schools to Watch

Link to the Schools to Watch website:

Schools to Watch 

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Resources for MASSP How To Seminar

Please download and bring a copy of the following documents to the MASSP "How To" seminar on March 5, 2008.

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Resources for March 4th Math Webinar

Here is the powerpoint for today's webinar on Mathematics.

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"Take One For The Team" Doesn't Seem to Work for Building Principals

Saturday, March 1st, the association hosted an event for members to come together to share their experiences and ideas about contract strategies for their local bargaining association. Twenty-five MASSP members listened as Tom White, Executive Director of the school business officials gave insight to school funding, the Michigan economy, and retirement issues to understand when at the bargaining table. Tom Derderian, the labor attorney used by MASSP advised on strategies and answered questions specific to member contracts and group obligations. After Mr.

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Federal Character Education Grant Available

Federal Character Education Grant
Released February 14 - Due April 1

Dr. Joe Hoedel and Dr. Phil Vincent, authors of 3 previously funded federal grants, will soon write a grant for Michigan high schools. The focus of this grant will be on the freshmen transition. Specifically, they want to include 4 high-performance, 4 average-performance and 4 low-performance high schools in the state of Michigan that meet the following criteria: