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AP Fall Conference Evaluation 2007

If you attended the Assistant Principals' Fall Conference, please complete the conference evaluation by following the link below:


or copy and paste this entire link into your browser:

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This Legislature seems to be a very bad joke

Once again we’ve been led to believe the 2007-08 budget was complete, and once again we learn that agreement has not been reached. This has gone on since May. It is impacting schools, and it is impacting MASSP membership. Many believe, because they submitted their membership materials to central office to be paid that their membership is in. It isn’t!

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Quick Links on MyMASSP

Quick Links! Starting with
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about Basic MASSP info (staff, directions, mission statement, etc...)

ac2007 Annual Convention information, presenter handouts, etc...

AP Fall Conference information, presenter handouts, etc...

awards Award applications and nomination forms

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Curriculum Review Worksheets

This booklet contains worksheets to guide you in examining the match between your schools Curriculum and the knowledge and skills assessed in EXPLORE, PLAN and the ACT

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Modification to Personal Curriculum - House Education Committee, SB 403

MASSP had a win today in the House Education Committee. SB 403 (please see past Legislative News) came back before the committee today with "end of course" assessment development back in the bill. We had argued that as the bill came out of the Senate it eliminated the "level playing field" expectation of the new high school requirements. The Chair of the House Education Committee agreed.