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Governor Jennifer Granholm has signed the budget for K-12.

The School Aid budget is one of the larger budgets, providing $13 billion ($34.9 million general fund) for K-12 districts, intermediate school districts and charter schools. The budget is $900,000 ($90,400 general fund) smaller than the 2006-07 budget.

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Stop lawmakers from gutting new courses - Detroit News Editorial 11/12/07

Improving student knowledge should trump short-term savings

The state's tough new high school curriculum is the most important education reform in Michigan in a decade, but it's being threatened by politicians who are putting short-term savings ahead of the state's long-term interests. While other states and nations are rapidly implementing innovative education reforms to compete for knowledge economy jobs, Michigan lawmakers are considering major cuts that will undermine two of the most essential economic boosters: the new high school curriculum and state assessment.

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Leadership Classes in Michigan

We've slowly collected some information from advisers around Michigan regarding leadership classes. If you are interested in knowing more about offering a leadership class at your school (high school or middle), these advisers have established programs and are willing to share their information. We hope to continue building this page as we discover more schools offering leadership classes!

Click below to go to the MASC/MAHS webpage:

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Governor Shares Her Perspective of the Cuts, Reforms, and Tax Increase

Why This Comprehensive Solution Is Needed