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Curriculum Review Worksheets

This booklet contains worksheets to guide you in examining the match between your schools Curriculum and the knowledge and skills assessed in EXPLORE, PLAN and the ACT

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Modification to Personal Curriculum - House Education Committee, SB 403

MASSP had a win today in the House Education Committee. SB 403 (please see past Legislative News) came back before the committee today with "end of course" assessment development back in the bill. We had argued that as the bill came out of the Senate it eliminated the "level playing field" expectation of the new high school requirements. The Chair of the House Education Committee agreed.

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Meeting with Senators regarding MME

October 11th

This afternoon I met with Senators Jelinek and Switalski to discuss their eleven bill package (SB' 804 ....) to cut assessment costs. In the next three weeks the legislature still has to make significant cuts to meet their funding goals for the 07-08 fiscal year. Funding cuts around the MME and K-12 social studies assessments MAY be under consideration.

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Michigan Revised School Code 380.1311 Suspension or expulsion of pupils.

Act 451 of 1976
380.1311 Suspension or expulsion of pupils.

See Attached PDF and this thread ( Members Only )

Does the state law mandate that a student be expelled for 180 days when in possession of a 4 inch knife

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A School Administrator's Guide to

Here is the pdf: A School Administrator's Guide to The process for How to Remove a False and/or Offensive Profile and How to Contact is on page 9 of the pdf.