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6th Grade Teacher Certification now for middle level

AN ACT to amend 1976 PA 451, entitled “An act to provide a system of public instruction and elementary and
secondary schools; to revise, consolidate, and clarify the laws relating to elementary and secondary education; to provide
for the organization, regulation, and maintenance of schools, school districts, public school academies, intermediate school
districts, and other public school entities; to prescribe rights, powers, duties, and privileges of schools, school districts,

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Basic Administrator Certification

For what?
For the first Basic Administrator Certificate issued by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) since Governor Granholm signed Public Act 335 of 2006. Framed and hanging outside my office door at Saginaw Valley for all to see -- I am so proud of it.


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Governor Signs Bill on Teacher Fees

A bill boosting fees for teacher certificates and permits to pay for a new database on certified teachers was signed Monday by Governor Jennifer Granholm.

The additional $35 for certificates and $20 for a substitute teacher permit under HB 4591 (PA 144) would raise an estimated $1.7 million a year for the Department of Education to maintain the database. The increase brings the total fee to $160 and the fee for permits to $45.

The database would keep track of each teacher's professional development activities and the current status of his or her certificates.

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Veteran Diploma, World War II veterans and the Korean conflict.

This morning a principal was approached by a community member and asked if it was true her father, who served in WWII, qualified for a high school diploma. The principal called MASSP and said, this does sound familiar but what does the law say?

Here it is.

An act to authorize the board of a school district to award high school diplomas to World War II veterans and Korean conflict veterans under certain circumstances; and to prescribe duties and responsibilities of certain state officers and officials

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Using a national assessment to compare students in the United States to their international counterparts, Michigan students ranked 10th in mathematics and ninth in science, said a report released Wednesday. But the report showed none of the states could approach the performance of the top nations.