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Leadership Classes in Michigan

We've slowly collected some information from advisers around Michigan regarding leadership classes. If you are interested in knowing more about offering a leadership class at your school (high school or middle), these advisers have established programs and are willing to share their information. We hope to continue building this page as we discover more schools offering leadership classes!

Click below to go to the MASC/MAHS webpage:

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Governor Shares Her Perspective of the Cuts, Reforms, and Tax Increase

Why This Comprehensive Solution Is Needed

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Steps need to move to a "Credit" based system

In his closing presentation at the MASSP AP Fall Conference, Superintendent Flanagan shared his efforts to move away from a seat-time accounting system. Jon Petitto wrote Mr. Flanagan a response.

Superintendent Flanagan,

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November 9, 2007 - General fund and School Aid Fund revenues for the 2006-07 fiscal year will be at least $153 million larger than forecast back in May thanks in part to higher income tax revenues and lottery sales.

October tax revenue figures were released late Friday and showed total revenues for the month of $2.778 billion, up 1.1 percent from the year before.

Even though the 2007-08 fiscal year began October 1, revenues collected during the month accrue back to the previous fiscal year.