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Welcome! How to Get Started on MyMASSP.Com

Our new site has some great tools on it, especially the new MASSP Network, which replaces the old email-based Q & A Discussions. In order to connect to other members, you will probably want to subscribe to different groups. Automatically, everyone is subscribed to the Administrators' Group and general questions can be posted here. If you have a question about athletics, CTE, something middle-level specific, student-related, or anything else that is group specific, subscribe to that group and ask the question there.

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Success in the Middle Act

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URGENT: Senate hours away from tenure reform Vote

We are hours away (4-24) from the Michigan senate voting on important legislation to reform Michigan’s antiquated tenure law. The proposed legislation (House Bills: 4625, 4626, 4627 and 4628) provides for fair, responsible and timely protection of a teacher’s due process rights while providing balance and local accountability now absent from the law.