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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

Educator evaluation bills ran out of time in the closing hours of the 2014 legislative session as negotiations, which trailed late into the night on the last day of session, failed to produce a compromise. The legislature was able to reach a compromise on a road funding plan that doesn't hurt schools and, potentially, increases future school revenue.

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Evaluation Laws Will Have to Wait Until 2015

Despite strong support in the House and the full backing of the Governor's office, the 2014 session clock ran out for a pair of bills to create a new, research-based educator evaluation system in Michigan. With both bill sponsors and Governor Snyder returning to office, expect this to be an issue that receives attention early in the 2015 legislative cycle, especially because the money allocated to pay for the new system remains unspent in a special Educator Evaluation Reserve Fund awaiting legislation.

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Cyberbullying To Be Added to Matt’s Safe School Law

Editor's Note: In the early morning hours on Friday, Dec. 19, this bill was passed by the Michigan House of Representatives. The article below has been updated to reflect this legislative action.

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Holiday Greetings from MASSP

If you’re familiar with the story of St. Nicholas’ life and deeds, you know that he was a man of extraordinary character. He was a protector of children who gave selflessly to those in need. He didn’t allow the “opinions” of few and the persecution of many to interfere with his mission to serve children in need.'s picture

#MASSPchat 12/22 - Lame Duck Recap and Looking Forward to 2015

The Topic:
Lawmakers wrapped up the 2013-14 legislative session this week. Find out how things shook out on the various education issues that were still swirling. In #MASSPchat, we will recap the lame duck session and chat about what passed, what didn't, and what that means for schools. We will also preview what issues are likely to be debated going into 2015 and what early indications are for how the 2015-16 School Aid budget could shake out.

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