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Senate Reports Ed Eval Bill, Lots of Work Left to Do

The Senate reported out SB 103 this week, though not without significant dissent and a number of amendments. The bill still lacks quality standards for evaluation tools, any provision for training evaluators, and funding. However, it finally includes a provision to ensure that an educator's professional practice, rather than just student growth, will be a significant factor in evaluation—an MASSP priority.'s picture

MDE Memo: District Provided Professional Development Update

Make sure that you understand the changes regarding what hours is allowed to be credited toward certification renewals. This information has been laid out in the following memo from The Michigan Department of Education (you can find the original memo here):

MEMO #054-15: District Provided Professional Development Update

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Making Priorities Match Your Mission and Vision: A Building Walk

June is an excellent month to work on planning. One of these planning activities involves allocating resources for the coming year. Depending on district practices, this may mean laying out budget requests to be approved by central administration or allocating what has already been approved for your building. This building walk is designed to help with this process by ensuring your allocations match your mission and vision priorities.

Find an empty classroom with a large whiteboard — preferably one with three panels — where you can work alone and study for a few days.'s picture

2015-16 School Counselor Postsecondary Planning Training Course

Registration is now open for the 2015-16 School Counselor Postsecondary Planning Training hybrid course.