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Get Ahead of Changes to EDP Law

Earlier this year, the Michigan's Legislation changed the law governing what must be included in an Education Development Plan (EDP) and how often it needs to be revised is changing effective December 24, 2018. Among the new requirements imposed by SB 684 (now PA 231 of 2018), any 7th grade students who complete their EDP after this date will be required to develop a Talent Portfolio. MDE guidance on these new requirements is not yet complete, so planning ahead is going to be difficult, but there are a few things Principals can do now to get ahead of the changes.

Reviewing The Requirements

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Reflection on MASSP Principal of the Year

E pluribus unum. Out of many, one. It sounds cliche, I understand. Yet, as I reflect on the past few months after being recognized as the MASSP 2018 Principal of the Year and after participating in the NASSP Principals Institute in Washington, D.C., I find this to be a remarkably simple and accurate summary of principals around our state and nation.

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School Climate: Relationships and Social Emotional Learning

A positive school culture begins with relationships. Whether or not our interactions are positive or negative between all stakeholders in our school community starts and end with the leadership at the top. Building administrators have a lot to worry about nowadays and sometimes it feels like one thing after another hits your desk. School safety, test scores, curriculum, social media, and the list could go on and on. This can be overwhelming for rookie and veteran alike. One thing we cannot forget is the heartbeat of your influence begins and ends with how you treat others, how you model the behaviors you expect for the school, and how each experience you have with others shapes the culture you hope to create.

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Opportunity to Create Next Gen Digital Curriculum

Do you have teachers interested in using open resources or even creating their own to share? If so, be sure to share this unique opportunity to learn about #GoOpen Michigan, Collabrify and then create instructional resources. Download the flyer here.

Participants can:
+ Earn $200 stipend with opportunity to earn more!
+ Create the Next Generation Digital Curriculum
+ Personalized Learning for Your Students
+ Participate in the following:

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Principals Month Is An Opportunity to Better Support Each Other

As President of MASSP, I’m honored to wish a happy Principals Month to all of my Michigan Principal colleagues. The work of a Principal is complex and demanding and, at times, it can be very lonely. I’m grateful to know so many amazing building leaders across the state that rise to the challenges of this rewarding profession despite its inherent challenges. We do this because we know that our teachers, staff, and ultimately our students deserve the best leadership that we can muster. Without quality Principals to help craft and communicate vision, provide ongoing support and guidance, lead toward greater heights, and take on difficult challenges, our schools could not rise to the expectations our society demands for public education.