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#MASSPchat 3/21 - Commencement

Tonight's Topic: Commencement
Yes, I know it may seem early to some of you but I know when I was a Principal I wrote my graduation speech over Spring Break. This week let’s talk about the Commencement ceremony and the events surrounding it.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

While the Senate is still working to rally support behind a comprehensive DPS package, the House on Thursday approved a $48.7 million supplemental appropriation to keep DPS open for the remainder of the school year, but tied the financial support to another bill that would extend the Financial Review Commission, which currently oversees the City’s finances as part of its bankruptcy, to also oversee DPS for a minimum of 10 years.'s picture

MASSP Submits Testimony on House DPS Bills

MASSP recently submitted written testimony to the House Appropriations Committee on the package of legislation they are currently considering regarding Detroit Public Schools. In developing our testimony, MASSP reached out to our members in the city of Detroit to make sure that we were accurately reflecting the challenges and concerns they face in their buildings. As you will see, we have focused on the issues that affect students and the impact that the proposed changes would have on instruction at the building level.

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Detroit Public Schools Is the 'Worst School District In the Nation'…What Is Directing Our Thinking?

Written by Dr. Deborah Jenkins, Principal, Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior High School, Detroit Public Schools and Region 11 Representative, Board of Directors, Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals. She is serving her second term on the MASSP Board.

I am most disappointed by comments that continue to surface referring to Detroit Public Schools as “the worst district in the nation.”