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Weblines Summer Recap

It's ok. You can admit it. It was summer. So you missed a few editions of Weblines. So what? But wait…now your teachers are asking about the evaluation rating appeals window, your counselors seem to know more than you do about what's happening with the 3% retiree health care contributions, and a parent wants to know whether the state's new science standards require dissection.

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Principal Salary Survey

MASB LogoPrincipals frequently contact MASSP at contract negotiation time wondering if we collect compensation and contract information for our members. While MASSP does not, one of the many benefits of membership is access to exactly this information through the Michigan Association of School Boards' (MASB) Erin service, an online, searchable database.'s picture

#MASSPchat 9/12 - Back to School Basics

The Topic:
Welcome back to school and to the start of another great year of conversation and professional dialogue! To kick off #MASSPchat for this school year, we will start with some back to school basics as our discussion topics. We welcome building Principals and all those who are leaders or aspire to be educational leaders to join our chat.

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Staying Out of Trouble in an Election Year

The 2016 election is already contentious and promises to become more so as we get closer to November. For Principals, this could lead to some…interesting situations as students and teachers engage in the democratic process. To help guide you through and hopefully keep your election year trouble-free (at least until after the votes are counted), MASSP went to the archives and turned up a couple of pieces from our friends at the Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) that we hope Principals will find helpful.'s picture

Important SAT Reminders and Info

This week's Spotlight on Assessment and Accountability publication from MDE contains some important SAT related reminders from the College Board. Of particular note for Principals is the piece that explains why Secure Site data will be different than what you see in the College Board Reporting Portal. In addition, this edition contains information about upcoming College Board Fall Counselor and Implementation Workshops and a bit on printing batch labels for your student files. All three of these pieces are worth a read and are reproduced in their entirety below.