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Feedback Grows Instructional Practice

Even the best planning and intensions, it a challenge for Principals to meet regularly with teachers to give them feedback on their classroom instruction. In addition, conducting observations in isolation does not allow Principals to dialogue with colleagues and grow their own practice. So what is the solution to these concerns? Instructional Rounds.

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MASSP Welcomes New Associate Director Ben Mainka

The Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals is pleased to announce the addition of a new staff member, Ben Mainka, who will serve as Associate Director beginning this summer. We hope you will join us in welcoming him to the MASSP team.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

The State Board has narrowed the field of state superintendent candidates down to 3 names: Brian Whiston (Dearborn Public Schools), Scott Menzel (Washtenaw ISD), and Vickie Markavitch (Oakland Schools).

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MI's ESEA Flex Waiver Renewal Open for Public Comment

Michigan is in the process of renewing our ESEA flexibility waiver and the Michigan Department of Education has opened up public comment on the proposed changes. So why take time out of your far-too-busy schedule to try to get your head around our federal waiver? Let me give you 4 compelling reasons:

  1. Because the waiver dictates many of the accountability measures you have to deal with in your buildings, like Priority and Focus Schools, school accountability scorecards (the color-coded report card), and even teacher evaluations.
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