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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

On Tuesday, the May Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference told the world (or at least the portion of it that was listening) that Michigan's revenues are going to be less than initially anticipated back in January, but exactly how this translates in the final budget picture is as yet unclear.

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Changes to World Language, VPAA Portion of MMC Pass House Committee

On Thursday, the House Workforce & Talent Development Committee reported out HB 5463, which would make changes to the world language and visual, performing and applied arts portions of the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC).

The Details

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School Aid, GF Revenue Estimates Down from January

The State Treasurer and directors of the House and Senate Fiscal Agencies met Tuesday to come to consensus on the revenue estimates that will be used to finalize state budgets for next year. Bottom line: the numbers are not looking as good as they were in January, both in terms of the School Aid Fund and the General Fund. However, the picture is not so bleak that schools are likely to see cuts. More likely, just smaller increases.

By the Numbers

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#MASSPchat 5/16 – Celebrating Our Graduates

The Topic: Celebrating Our Graduates
Many high schools will soon be graduating their Class of 2017. This is a celebrated time of the school year but one that also can bring unique challenges. This week's chat will give participants the chance to share how their schools celebrate their graduates, which may spark some fresh ideas that schools may seek to implement in the future. We can also share with each other how we navigate some of the challenges of this time of year, including student discipline.