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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

On Tuesday, the House Workforce and Talent Development Committee reported out a pair of education related bills: SB 344 would create an optional state-recognized STEM diploma endorsement that school districts could give students at their discretion and HB 5907 would require districts to inform students about college-credit-by-testing options like AP, IB, and CLEP, which most districts do already.

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What To Do With Aggressive Parents and Others?

Sometimes it feels like everyone's a critic. Whether there's an aggressive parent or an internal personnel issue, an administrator's job carries a unique set of challenges. But when the problem becomes especially personal, you may ask, "Do I really have to put up with this?" That's a fair question. If a parent spreads a lie about you on social media, isn't that defamation? If the parent angrily confronts you in person and badgers you, can you get a restraining order or issue a "no trespass" letter, prohibiting them from school grounds? When a school district employee makes you tear your hair out, isn't that a hostile work environment? These questions create an interesting stew of legal questions, which are slightly more complicated to answer than you might think.

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Careers in Education the Perfect Fit for Millennials

I recently came across an article in Forbes magazine that caught my eye, entitled "How To Attract And Retain Millennials And Get Them To Do Their Life's Best Work For You" by Yuri Kruman. Kruman, a Millennial himself, describes what Millennials want from work and what keeps them at a job.'s picture

Big Changes Coming to 8th Grade Assessment: PSAT 8/9

Earlier this week, the College Board hosted a webinar about the switch to the PSAT 8/9 for 8th graders across the state. If you missed this important information or want to watch it again, here's your chance! Click here to access a video of the 45-minute webinar.

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Important Step for Principals Regarding Advanced Placement Programs

As the end of the year approaches, there is an important step that you and your AP Coordinator can take to stay informed about the changes coming to the Advanced Placement program in the 2019-20 school year. The College Board encourages you to complete the “Get Updates” form at before you leave for summer break.