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#MASSPchat 1/4 - Resolutions and Goal for the Second Half of the Year

The Topic: Resolutions and Goal for the Second Half of the Year
Ok so the success rate for personal New Years Resolutions is about 20%, but those who are successful develop an intentional plan with checks and balances in place. Let’s discuss potential goals and resolutions both professional and personal to bring the 2015-16 school year to a positive conclusion.

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Cambridge International Examinations: A Quick Look

I have been involved in Advanced Placement for a long time.  I have occasionally been asked what I think about International Baccalaureate, often seen as a high-end-curriculum counterpart to AP; I usually pass on those conversations because I don't have the kind of eyewitness knowledge of IB that I have of AP.  Privately, I have always felt that AP is generally more modular for students, more portable, more cost effective and more aligned to American secondary and higher education than IB is.

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Urge Gov Snyder to Veto Millage Election Law Changes

As the last voting night of the 2015 legislative year wound down, legislation that would bar school districts from distributing factual and unbiased information prior to an election was hastily sent to Governor Snyder for his signature.

Specifically, under the final version of the bill, a public body could not use public funds or resources for "communication by means of radio, television, mass mailing, or prerecorded telephone message if that communication references a local ballot question" sixty days before the local election.

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Free Underwater Robotics Science Kits Available from the U.S. Navy

The U.S. Navy is interested in fostering support for underwater exploration and are offering free kits for after school science clubs through the SeaPerch program.

SeaPerch is an innovative underwater robotics program that equips teachers and students with the resources they need to build an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).

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Update to Administration Start Time Policy

A recent edition of MDE's Spotlight on Student Assessment and Accountability provided important information regarding the start time for upcoming spring assessments that you should be aware of.

The article is reproduced in its entirety below: