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Hitting Your Stride – Keeping Student Achievement in Focus

Jim French is the Principal at Portage Northern High School and represents Region 7 on the MASSP Board of Directors. He has been an administrator for nearly 20 years and an MASSP member for a more than half of them.

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Something for Everyone: Fall MASC/MAHS Program Lineup

With so many upcoming programs and events for both students and advisers, MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership offers a program for every student, and adviser in your school! For a quick recap, check out the upcoming fall lineup:

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#MASSPchat 10/12 - Instructional Feedback

The Topic: Instructional Feedback
Over the last four years there has been significant emphasis on the importance of teacher evaluation to improve instruction and, ultimately, student achievement. We all know that it isn’t just the act of observing that grows instructional practice but the coaching and feedback that comes after the visit to the classroom. Let’s discuss ways to give teachers more and better feedback and share successful tips and tricks for improving performance.

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New Administrator Evaluation Requirements for 2015-16

With all the focus on teacher evaluations, the evaluations of Principals and other administrators often get left out of the conversation. Nevertheless, there are new requirements for administrator evaluations that took effect for 2015-16. Have you had a conversation with your central office about how you are being evaluated this year? Have you discussed how your district is going to comply with the new requirements?

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

The Senate Judiciary Committee is slated to vote on a bill this coming Tuesday, October 13 that would allow people to carry concealed weapons at schools; please CLICK HERE AND TAKE ACTION by asking your Senator to please oppose this legisltion.