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#MASSPchat 5/19 - Let’s Talk School Improvement Plans

The Topic: Let's Talk School Improvement Plans
During this time of assessment transition it is a challenge to have data to help track and monitor progress toward school improvement goals. The transition from ACT to SAT may also influence the strategies you select for your literacy (reading/writing), math and science goals. Let’s talk about the data points that are being used along with strategies under the major goal areas!

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

The May Consensus Revenue Numbers are in and it's good news for the general fund and not so good (but not terrible) news for the School Aid Fund. A general fund revenue increase of $223.5 million would normally be expected to ease pressure on budgets while the $5.9 drop in School Aid money wouldn't be expected to have a huge impact, but with the defeat of Proposal 1, all bets are off. The House MDE budget subcommittee met again this week in what is quickly becoming a series of rare, though not unheard of, off-season meetings on various education related topics.

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May Consensus Shows Slight Drop in School Aid

Officials from the state Department of Treasury and the House and Senate Fiscal Agencies met formally on Friday to come to consensus on the revenue numbers that the Governor and Legislature will use in building the final 2015-16 budget. The short story: the general fund picture is better than expected, while the School Aid Fund is down slightly (but not so far down that it is expected to make a huge difference).

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Time of Transition

As schools see another year come to an end, they also see a new opportunity for teachers to fill open leadership roles in your building. This time of transition can be overwhelming to new advisers as they embark on this new challenge to increase student achievement and positive school culture.

MASC/MAHS has created a "New Advisers Guide" that focuses on helping advisers learn this new role, while creating quality programs and curriculum for student leaders. This guide includes: