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MASSP Podcast - Tracy Wilson Talks Climate and Culture

In this edition of MASSP’s podcast series Wendy talks climate and culture with MASSP President-Elect Tracy Wilson, Principal at Grand Haven High School. Tracy offers great ideas surrounding positive energy and creating an inclusive environment for both students and staff.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

The House Education Committee met Thursday and voted out legislation that would imbed CPR and AED training into Michigan's health education content standards. The panel also took testimony on a package of legislation that would make some changes to Michigan's expulsion and suspension laws including one provision that would prohibit districts from suspending or expelling students for excessive absences or truancy.

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House Panel Talks Expulsion/Suspension Rules

The House Education Committee took testimony this week on a four bill package that would make some tweaks to Michigan's suspension and expulsion laws. In general, the goal of legislators seems to be to reduce the incidence of suspensions and expulsions and encourage the use of alternative interventions, particularly restorative justice initiatives.

In brief, the bills would:

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The CTE Conversation We Should Be Having: Stackable Credentials

Written by Mark Pogliano, Principal at Jackson Area Career Center and the CTE Representative on the MASSP Board of Directors's picture

College Board Releases New Concordance Tools

The College Board has announced the release of new concordance tables and a new mobile app for concording scores: New SAT to Old SAT, and SAT to ACT.

Probably most helpful to Principals and other building level staff are the concordance tables. They are available here: