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DPS Agreement Squeezes Through House

The House, Senate, and Governor’s Office reportedly reached a tentative agreement earlier in the week but it took a lengthy Thursday session before the House mustered enough votes to pass a package of bills that would restructure Detroit Public Schools. Most of the legislation passed by a narrow margin and with exclusively Republican votes. Democrats voted against the legislation in a block and several Republicans crossed over to join them in voting against each of the bills.

Here are some quick highlights of the legislation:

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School Aid Budget Agreement Announced

On Tuesday, the House and Senate conference committee on the 2016-17 School Aid budget reported out their final budget agreement. While this agreement still needs to be ratified by the full House and Senate, the vote is almost certain, which means schools have a final budget agreement they can count on as they finalize their spending projections for next year.'s picture

MHSAA Announces Preliminary Concussion Care Data for Winter 2015-16

The MHSAA has released their preliminary concussion data for the 2015-16 winter season. As the press release below points out, girls made up 38 percent of winter athletes but accounted for 48 percent of possible concussions reported…an important reminder that concussions affect both sexes and are not limited to football season.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

Legislation that passed out of committee last week and would amend the world language and visual, performing, and applied arts sections of the Michigan Merit Curriculum took its next step in the legislative process this week and could be up for a vote of the full House prior to summer recess. The same is true of legislation that would require students to take and pass the US Citizenship Test as a precondition for graduation.

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House Panel Moves Zero Tolerance Bills

UPDATE: The bills passed the full House on Thursday, June 3, but not before two noteworthy amendments were added: