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The Latest on ESSA

Principals will be hearing a lot about the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) over the coming months as Michigan works to implement the law that replaced No Child Left Behind (NCLB). The new law will impact everything from assessment to professional development policy and, like NCLB before it, is likely to influence state education policy heavily over the coming years.

As things are gearing up for a new school year, we wanted to review what ESSA is, what changed from NCLB, and where in the process Michigan is with adapting to the changes.'s picture

MDE Memos: Required Certifications, Alternatives to Dissection

Principals will want to be aware of two memos put out recently by MDE. The first offers guidance for schools on how to certify compliance with requirements around constitutionally protected prayer, eye protective devices, and Constitution Day. The other provides information regarding alternatives to dissection, specifically as they relate to Michigan's new science content standards.

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School Reform Office Makes Waves About Closing Schools

Michigan's School Reform Office (SRO) made headlines this past week after Chalkbeat Detroit published an article in which officials in that office were quoted as saying they planned to close the state's "lowest 5%" schools.'s picture

The New Principal's Network - Now Enrolling for 2016-17

The job of Principal and Assistant Principal is one of the most important hires in any school district. They are the face and energy of the building. In order for new administrators to be successful, it is vital for them to have key background information, access to current educational legislation and to develop their professional network. MASSP continues to provide training and networking opportunities for these new administrators with the New Principal's Network – formerly known as Bootcamp – led by 22-year veteran administrator, Larry Goralski.

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Back to School: Are You Ready to Lead This Year?

As many principals around Michigan prepare to open their buildings for the start of school, there is a buzz of excitement.