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Restorative Practices – What It Is and How We Can Help

Michigan has effectively rolled back the state's previous zero tolerance law. These changes, which went into effect on Aug. 1, require districts to conduct a thorough review of local student discipline policies and procedures. The new laws require consideration of seven factors in every case of suspension or expulsion except when it comes to firearms. One of those factors to consider is using Restorative Practices as an alternative to or in addition to suspension. But what does the term Restorative Practices mean?

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#MASSPchat - New Format Coming for 2017-18

#MASSPchat was the first chat in Michigan for Principals, Assistant Principals, Deans and aspiring administrators. It began in August of 2013 and had a very successful run every Monday night from 8-9 p.m., until participation started to slow this past school year. #MASSPchat has been viewed by many as "the best PD you can get from your couch!" We had a great deal of discussion both amongst the staff and with the MASSP Board of Directors about the future of #MASSPchat. Each time we considered discontinuing it, members and non-members alike would tell us how much they enjoyed following the conversation – even if they did not directly post or participate.

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Awareness Training Toolkit for Emergency Seclusion and Physical Restraint

Michigan's new laws restricting the use of seclusion and physical restraint in schools to only emergency use took effect earlier this month on August 1. There are many changes that school leaders need to be aware of, including the requirement for all staff who have regular contact with students to have completed "awareness training" before the start of the school year. MASSP has created an Awareness Training Toolkit, which has been approved by MDE, to help building administrators and their staff meet these new requirements.


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Ready or Not, Here it Comes!

Written by Tracy Wilson, Principal, Grand Haven High School and Past President of the MASSP Board of Directors

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MiEducator Showcase Highlights Michigan’s Promising Practices

A new website is being launched this fall to help tell your good news stories about successful education practices that are getting results for students. The new site — the MiEducator Showcase — also aims to help educators across Michigan tap into new ideas for improvement and for helping Michigan reach its goal to become a Top 10 education state in 10 years.