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Master Schedule 2015 – Make Sure to Check Endorsement Codes

Spring is here, and that means that principals all over are preparing to build their master schedule for the upcoming year. Here in Michigan, we all use a variety of processes to get this done including our own in-district scheduling software, the tried and true whiteboard with colored magnets (some of you know what I am talking about!), or simply building an Excel spreadsheet. While we all have different methods for getting to the end result, something that can often be overlooked is checking on MDE endorsement codes for your staff.

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3 Reasons Principals Should Vote Yes on Prop 1

On Tuesday, May 5, Michigan's Principals will have the chance to get every friend, relative, and neighbor they have to vote yes on Proposal 1 and make it possible for the State to fix our crumbling roads while protecting schools.

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Supreme Court Rules on 2012 MPSERS Reforms

On Wednesday, April 8, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that the 2012 MPSERS reforms passed by the Michigan Legislature are indeed legal. This affirms the current law, requiring school employees to pay a higher percentage of salary or accept a lower pension multiplier. This does not resolve the question of the so-called "3%" that school employees were required to contribute between 2010 and 2012.

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#MASSPchat 4/13 - Looking Forward…What is the “right work” to be doing?

The Topic:
As you continue work on your school improvement reporting and to think about PD for next year, what is the right work to be focusing on? There are changes we are still reacting to in terms of curriculum and assessment as well as shifts of practice that need to be made. Here is my list of things that seem to be rising to the top in terms of important topics to tackle:

  1. Assessment: Formative, Interim and Summative.