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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

The week started out crazy and ended crazier with the House Appropriations Committee meeting for three hours on Tuesday morning and reporting out a package of Detroit schools restructuring bills—some by tight margins—that seems more aimed at sending a message to Detroit teachers than advancing a package of bills that have a chance at becoming law.

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House Passes DPS Restructure After Late Night Session

The House met through the night on Wednesday and well into Thursday morning before they were able to rally the votes they needed to pass a package of bills that would restructure the Detroit Public Schools. The bills contain a number of provisions that seems more focused on reprimanding Detroit educators for recent school closings than actually fixing the district's problems. Thus, while passage of these bills moves the process forward, they may accomplish little else since their reception in the Senate and by the Governor seems chilly so far.

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#MASSPchat 5/2 - Building a Master Schedule

The Topic:
For principals, the spring brings with it quite a barrage of work – summative evaluations, school improvement plans, spring testing, and for HS principals, graduation. While all of these things are demanding, building the master schedule for the upcoming year is one of the most critical jobs of the building administrator. There are few things we can control, but building a master schedule and assigning teachers is one of them. Join us as for #MASSPchat as we discuss strategy and philosophy for building a master schedule.