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Slamming the Door Shut on Student Food Deliveries

There's no doubt that it's crucial for today's school administrators to know exactly who is stepping onto school grounds, when, and for how long. Justifiably, we're focused on the significant and serious security threats presented in the current climate. That being said, it's still necessary for an administrator to keep tabs on even the most mundane school visitor. To that end, with students enjoying increased access to technology, and the rise of companies like Uber Eats, schools are now faced with perhaps the blandest security threat of all: food delivery staff.'s picture

I’m Holding You Accountable, Not Hostage!

Leading a culture of accountability allows you to create a sustainable workplace that communicates clear expectations, is growth oriented, focuses on the development of individual employees, is predictable, consistent and safe, generates balanced workloads, breeds leadership, is built on trust, and inspires long-term commitment. So, why do so many leaders struggle with holding their employees accountable? And on the other side of the coin, why do so many people take offense to being held accountable? I believe there are several reasons why, but what commonly happens is that the organization lacks clearly defined protocols for accountability, therefore it is inconsistent and gets poorly executed.'s picture

MASSP Joins Coalition Urging Legislative Support to Grow Talent in Michigan

Business, military, law enforcement, higher education and government leaders today called for greater investment in education beyond high school to equip Michigan residents with the skills and credentials needed to fill the state’s talent gap.

The report, Total Talent: Equipping All Michiganders with the Education and Skills Needed for Success in the Economy of Today and Tomorrow, was released today by the Michigan Higher Education Attainment Roundtable (MIHEART) to urge the incoming Legislature and the next Governor to make talent attainment a top public policy priority.'s picture

Get Ready for Spring 2019 – College Board Assessment Implementation Workshops

The College Board recently announced their schedule of implementation workshops across the state. These sessions are free and provide information about the Michigan-provided SAT with Essay, PSAT 10 and PSAT 8/9 for grades 8 and 9 administrations in the spring of 2019. The workshop is important for building administrators and building test coordinators. Learn about the latest enhancements and changes for the spring administration, preparing for and administering the College Board exams, spring implementation timelines, and about professional development offerings to prepare you for spring 2019. The workshops will be held throughout the state, some locations and dates are still being finalized.

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Home Visits: One of the Best "Deposits" You Can Make Into Your School Community

Written by Nina L. Davis, Principal, L’Anse Creuse Middle School East and Middle Level East Representative on the MASSP Board of Directors

I was recently asked to speak to our district school board about an initiative that I am extremely proud of in the building. Immediately (and without a doubt), I knew that I would be speaking to the board about home visits! We have been conducting home visits at L'Anse Creuse Middle School – East for over five years now. It is, by far, the best initiative I have been involved with to date as an administrator.