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No #MASSPchat This Week

There will be no #MASSPchat this week (Dec. 25-29). Enjoy your much-deserved break, try to unplug and enjoy time with family and friends.

We'll be back the week of Jan. 1 to talk Education Predictions for 2018.

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Supreme Court Rules 3% Must Be Returned

The Supreme Court has ruled that more than a half billion dollars unconstitutionally withheld from school employees will be returned. Today's decision ends the long-running court battle in the 3 percent case dating back to 2010.

At this time, the list of what we know is shorter then what we don't know, but here are the details thus far:

What We Know

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#MASSPchat - Career Exploration

Over the last couple of years the Governor and the Legislature have had a strong focus on getting more career exploration and employability skills into the schools. Let's share strategies for career exploration and ideas for integrating things like critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication into the curriculum.

This Week's Questions: (one posted each day)

  • Q1 (Monday): New legislation would require career exploration at each grade level. What is currently in place for this in your school? #masspchat
  • Q2 (Tuesday): What career exploration is taking place at the other levels in your district (elementary/middle/high school)? #masspchat
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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

The House Workforce and Talent Development Committee heavily modified and reported out versions of the Career Pathways Alliance legislation (HB 5139-42 and HB 5145) first thing Tuesday morning. By the end of the day Wednesday, when the legislature adjourned for its holiday recess, two of the five bills had been heavily amended yet again and passed the House on slim margins and with significant problems left unresolved.

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Problems Unresolved in House-Passed Career Pathways Alliance Bills

On Wednesday, the House passed a package of legislation nominally aimed at enacting the recommendations of the Career Pathways Alliance, though some of the final bills that passed bear little or no resemblance to the actual recommendations. The original legislation was amended heavily before it passed the House Workforce Committee on Tuesday and was then amended again on the House floor in order to garner the votes needed to pass. Passage through the House was only the first step for this legislation so the details of the bill package are likely to continue changing…hopefully for the better.

Here is a breakdown of the bill package as it stands now.