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#MASSPchat Recap - Student Mental Health

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The Confident Administrator

Have you ever had a parent question your decision? Administrators make hundreds of decisions each week, maybe each day, and most of them go without debate. Lately, I have experienced parents questioning my decisions with “fake news” types of arguments. These conversations can decrease an administrator’s morale and motivation to continue to try to make a difference in positive ways.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

The K-12 budget appropriations subcommittees in both chambers continued testimony this week on various components of the Governor's budget proposal from Michigan's Math & Science Centers Network to regional data hubs. The Senate Families, Seniors and Human Services Committee voted out SB 103-106, a problematic package of bills that would impose common, statewide definitions around truancy and absence and prescribe steps districts would have to take in the case of chronic absenteeism, but without addressing long-standing concerns from educators including a lack of follow-up from the legal system or the loophole related to home schooled students.

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Updates to the SAT Script for MP3 Users

Critical updates have been made to Script 5: MP3 Audio Format for administering the SAT with MP3 audio in the Michigan SSD Coordinator manual. Michigan testing room staff administering the SAT to students who are using MP3 audio should be instructed to disregard the script in the SSD Coordinator manual, and instead use the updated version of Script 5: MP3 Audio Format as the replacement. Copies (approximately 1 for every 5 MP3 users) of the updated script will be shipped to your school to coincide with the receipt of your testing materials.

Additionally, the updated version of Script 5 is posted to the Michigan Department of Education website at under the SAT heading.

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AP Summer Institutes 2017: Grand Blanc and East Kentwood

Advanced Placement Summer Institutes will again be offered at Michigan public high schools during the summer of 2017. The program features a full slate of sessions that will be led by consultants of the College Board from around the country.

Dates and locations include:

    June 26-29 at Grand Blanc High School
    July 17-20 at East Kentwood High School

Please note the following special emphases this summer:

INTRODUCTION OF HUMAN GEOGRAPHY AND MUSIC THEORY: These sessions have not been offered in Michigan for many years; in the meantime, the number of schools offering these courses has grown substantially. This is a great opportunity to get training in these unique courses.