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Apprenticeships - The Forgotten Post Secondary Opportunity

Written by Mark Pogliano, Principal, Jackson Area Career Center and the CTE Representative on the MASSP Board of Directors

The practice of apprenticeship is not a new concept in education, but is experiencing a renewed popularity as another pathway for students in their careers. With the aging workforce and availability of skilled trade occupations, there is a greater need to develop a talent pipeline in the state that would benefit from the registered apprenticeship process.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

On Tuesday afternoon, Governor Snyder and legislative leadership announced that they had reached a conceptual agreement on both a bill to make further changes to the MPSERS system and a plan for spending the $495 million that the legislature set aside to pay for MPSERS reform. Forty-eight hours later, an identical pair of MPSERS bills (HB 4647 and SB 401) had passed both the House and Senate on very close votes (in the House especially, the final tally was 55-52, with supporters garnering the bare minimum of votes necessary to pass the legislation).

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House, Senate Both Pass MPSERS Bills

UPDATE (20 June 2017): The House voted today to concur with SB 401, the version of MPSERS legislation that passed the Senate last week. The bill was passed without any changes, meaning this was the final vote needed to send the MPSERS agreement to Governor Snyder's desk for his signature. For a summary of the changes, see MASSP's earlier article.

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MPSERS Bills Headed for a Vote

Earlier today, the House and Senate Education Committees both reported out identical versions of the proposed MPSERS bills (HB 4647 and SB 401) that were originally announced yesterday. Both chambers have scheduled a floor vote on these bills for tomorrow (Thursday, June 15). It is unclear whether either chamber has the votes necessary to move these bills forward.

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Governor, Legislative Leadership Reach Deal-In-Concept on MPSERS

Earlier this afternoon, Governor Snyder and legislative leadership announced that they had reached a conceptual agreement on a plan to reform the state's MPSERS system. The House and Senate Education Committees have both posted meetings for first thing tomorrow morning to discuss this legislation, but it is unclear whether either body plans to vote.

The proposed deal would leave schools and school employees shouldering a larger burden for a smaller, less attractive retirement benefit. As this debate moves forward, MASSP will be watching closely to make sure that any changes do not result in increased costs for districts or a retirement benefit that is so poor that it will make it even more difficult to recruit new educators.