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Hello MyMASSP users! We're VERY excited that you are using the Q & A feature of our website so often! The exchange is GREAT and we hope you find it valuable in your role as building principal.

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Portal to Portal Policy

In the past, East Detroit Public Schools has maintained a portal-to-portal policy, which indicates that once the students leave the building; they are still under our jurisdiction as it pertains to the code of conduct until they arrive home.


Does your school system utilize a portal-to-portal policy and if so, what is your criterion?
For example, do you have set guidelines that clearly indicate the specific time limits for the students to travel from school to home. Are after- school functions included in these guidelines, if so what are the specifics?

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Does anyone want to meet at the Conference to talk about alternative education issues?

Kind of late to suggest this, but...

I will be at the conference in Mount Pleasant on October 4th, 5th and 6th. Is anyone interested in meeting there as a group (or individually) to discuss alternative education issues? If so, please email me and we can arrange to meet.

Ken Willison, Alternative Education Liaison to MASSP;
President of Michigan Alternative Education Organization (MAEO)

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Middle School Science Fair

I have a teacher in my building who wants to organize a 7th grade science fair for the first time. Does your middle school have a science fair? If so, I was hoping to have my teacher connect with your science teachers who sponsor/organize your science fair.

Please email me if you can help!


David Simpson
Derby Middle School
Birmingham Public Schools


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Certificate of Completion

With the MMC in full effect, we're looking at what expectations are being set for a certificate of completion. If anyone is willing to share, I'd love some feedback and direction. Thanks!

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Certificate of Completion

With the MMC in full effect, we're looking at what expectations are being set for a certificate of completion. If anyone is willing to share, I'd love some feedback and direction. Thanks!'s picture

How do I connect with the Webinar on School Improvement at 3 p.m.?

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P/T Conference Parent Survey

I am looking for a survey instrument that has been used to gather data about the perception that parents have of the school. I would like to have parents complete the survey at P/T conferences.

If you have something that I could look at, please send to

I am trying not to reinvent the wheel, also, if you have any suggestions about how to go about surveying my parents, any advice would be welcomed.

Thank you!

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Does your high school sponsor a powder puff football game?

If your school sponsors a powder puff game what kind of precautions do you take to protect the children and the school district? If you do not sponsor a game, why not?

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Do you have an exam exemption policy at your school?

We have had a policy in place for several years that rewards good attendance (with a few other stipulations). They can exempt one exam of their choice if they qualify. I'm wondering if this is allowed under the new graduation requirements?'s picture

Vocal Music Teacher Needed

If anyone can recommend a quality candidate for a part-time (0.4 FTE) MS/HS vocal music position that I have available, please contact me to provide the candidates information. You can reach me at the following:

Jason Kennedy, Principal
Oakridge High School
5493 E. Hall Rd.
Muskegon, MI 49442

Phone: (231) 788-7300
Fax: (231) 788-7314


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Does your high school say the Pledge of Allegiance each day?

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Do you have reading/content comprehension as a school goal for 2009-10?

Hello, everyone. Lapeer East HS has 63 copies of Chris Tovani's "Do I Really Have to Teach Reading? Content Comprehension Grades 6-12." These books are in great shape,softcover, and 120 pages. The publish date is 2004. This is a great staff development book--easy to read and put to use.

We paid $16 per book but you can have them for far less.

Joe Shoopman
Asst. Principal
Lapeer East HS
810.667.2418 x3117

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Splitting READ 180 stage 3 licenses?

Are their any alternative high schools that would be interested in splitting READ 180 stage C licenses? Our district is willing to purchase 15 licenses for our alternative ed. program, but the minimum purchase requirement is 30.

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Who among us has alternative education responsibilities or interests?

Please help MASSP's new alternative education liaison, Ken Willison, gain a clearer understanding of who among us has alternative education responsibilities or interests. If you have any duties in your district related to alternative education ... or if you just have a strong interest in alternative education issues ... please let Ken know who you are. If you prefer not to post to the internet, please feel free to send an email to him at

Also, if you haven't done so already … why not join the new Alternative Education group? While not much has been posted there yet, we hope to get the ball rolling soon and would love to have all interested parties participate.


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Student Age Limitations?

At what age can we stop educating a regular education student that lives in the district? What does the law state?'s picture

Milan High is hosting a summer academy for educators on Aug 24th and 25th....

We will be hosting sessions on Freshmen transitions, mastery learning, Algebra/Geometry, and more.

For more information, you can go to my blog (pdf attached) or go contact me at

A flier will on the event will also be available on the school's website by Aug. 14th... at

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Any H. S. have experience with Title I Targeted Assistance planning?

Moving to Title I Targeted Assistance program in order to receive more funding to develop intervention classes/programs to help struggling students in mathematics and ELA. Looking for high schools who have successfully navigated the Title I application and have implemented an intervention structure to help reach at-risk students.